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4 Sweet Simple Wedding Bouquets ...

By Diana

Your wedding bouquet speaks a lot about who you are. It gives your guests a preview of what your wedding reception will look like and sets the tone of your wedding atmosphere. If you're an easy going, no frills bride you may find your wedding flowers among these 4 sweet & simple wedding bouquets...

4 Sweet & Pink...

Sweet & Pink...Photo:

Simple, Sweet and Stunning. Beautiful pink roses **and a few accent pieces of dusty miller and you have one remarkable bridal bouquet. You don't need ten different flowers to make a **statement. Find your favorite flower and turn it into a full bouquet.

3 Tropical Paradise...

Tropical Paradise...Photo:

A** simple bouquet** of one flower doesn't have to be dull or boring, it can be amazing and tropical like these white Phalaenopsis orchids. I love these flowers for a summer beach wedding. Who knew that a simple bouquet could be so breathtaking!


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2 Every Bride's Favorite Flower...

Every Bride's Favorite Flower...Photo:

Peonies are a lovely flower that every bride adores. They can be bold and bright like the pink ones in the top photo or they can be sweet and simple like this white peony bouquet. I love the touch of sparkling rhinestones on the bouquet handle, it gives the bride a touch of glamour for her no frills bouquet!

1 The Most Simple Are the Most Sweet...

The Most Simple Are the Most Sweet...Photo:

Delicate, Romantic, and Simple. I love the look of a baby's breath wedding bouquet. They have been mostly used in bouquets as fillers and accents, but in recent years baby's breath has become the** show stopping** full bouquet. They are lovely for all weddings but perfect for outdoor, garden weddings.

What flower have you found for your sweet and simple bouquet?

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