3 Wedding Decor Ideas Kissing in the Kitchen ...


3 Wedding Decor Ideas Kissing in the Kitchen ...
3 Wedding Decor Ideas Kissing in the Kitchen ...

Our personalities, likes, and dislikes help to inspire us in the kitchen and our homes. Now that you're planning a wedding and you need ideas let your home and kitchen decor inspire your wedding details like you never thought it could! Whip up some flavor with these 3 Wedding Decor Ideas: Kissing in the Kitchen...

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Copper Rustic Glow...

Photos: StyleMePretty, Anthropologie

Do you have copper pots and panshanging from your pot rack and a metallic KitchenAid that matches your flatware? Than you may like a rustic chic themefor your wedding with a barn reception, gold jewelry, and glowing centerpieces or amason jar chandelier. Does your** kitchen decor** inspire you?


Mexican Flair...

Photos: StyleMePretty, Anthropologie

Your kitchen and home has been inspired by your favorite vacation to Mexico; the colors, patterns, and textures make you smile. Thiscolorful feelingwarms your soul and will warm your wedding too. With orange invitations, asignature sangria drink, and a bright table setting your guests won't want to wait to book their trip to celebrate Cinco de Mayo!


Vintage Love...

Photos: StyleMePretty, Anthropologie

White dinnerware, adorable little teapots, and a fridgefrom the 1950s fill your kitchen with vintage love. **Since you already know where all the vintage thrift storesand hot spots are you'll be able to find your vintage wedding decorin no time! Search for lovely monogrammed teacupsfor **favors, dress your bridesmaids invintage dresses, and take polaroid pictures for your guestbook.

**Have you found the perfect wedding inspiration in your kitchen? **

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