7 Ideas for Your Trash-the-Dress Photo Shoot ...


7 Ideas for Your Trash-the-Dress Photo Shoot ...
7 Ideas for Your Trash-the-Dress Photo Shoot ...

Would you dare to get your wedding dress dirty beyond repair? Why not, it’s not like you’ll wear it again! Moreover, scheduling a trash-the-dress photo shoot couple of days after the wedding will give you the opportunity to dress up again and have all those fabulous photos you didn’t dare posing for during the actual wedding. Interested? Well, I’m doing it for sure, so here are 7 cool ideas I’ve been thinking about lately:

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Runway Bride

Sexy glitz or fashion road kill –it’s on you to decide. Have you hairdresser make you the “big hair” updo, pull off your best, darkest and the most dramatic smoky eye look and make sure you wear that sexy white bridal lingerie under your dress. Then head off to the most luxurious place you can think of and snap a couple of high-end photos. After that it’s time to get dirty! Have you photographer take pictures of you running around the crowded city, sitting on the hood of the car, posing next to a dirty wall covered in graffiti or in dark, shady hallways.


Beach Bride

Next time you see a photo of a newlywed couple running on the beach, laying in the sand or sitting on the rocks, you’ll think of this post and smile, knowing that those photos aren’t as spontaneous as they appear. In fact, they are most likely done after the wedding, during the dress trashing photo session! How else would the bride manage to have clean, presentable wedding dress during the celebration? Well, if you’re having a beach wedding, remember to mention this to your photographer – ask for a combo price and you might even get a small discount.


Mother Nature

Think: forest, furry cute animals, wild flowers, breathtaking green fields and plenty of grass for you to lie on! It will definitely ruin your dress so, in case you want to keep it looking good, I suggest you take a blanket or, even better, a piece of fabric your dress is made of. Lose the Manolos, though, as you’ll definitely want to wear them again and get the most of the $$$ spent on this expensive threat. Plus, you won’t need them for running, picking wild flowers or rolling in the grass.


Angry Bride

Smear you makeup and pose holding a cigarette and a drink – Think: Beyonce in “Why don’t you love me” video. Or, if your husband wants to be part of the photo shoot, ask him to look shocked and desperate why you’re pretending to smash his car or bike with a baseball bat. Be creative, be shocking, make a statement. You’ll definitely have a lot of fun looking at those pictures later on!


Sexy Bride

Mr. and Mrs. Beckham have done some steamy pictures to promote their perfume, so you can definitely do some of your own too. That passion deserves to be captured girl, plus, there’s nothing to be ashamed of, it’s not like you’ll publish them on Facebook (Right?). Pose on your own and then ask your husband to join too, you’ll definitely have a lot of fun! Plus, this photo shoot won’t ruin your dress, provided that you hubby doesn’t get too carried away and accidentally rips it off of you, of course.


Romantic Bride

Gorgeous gardens, swings, retro carriages – if it makes you feel like a Cinderella, it’s a great setting for your photo shoot! Cinderella didn’t mind getting her dress dirty and nor should you. You can run barefoot, dive into the flowerbed or even ride the horse – the only important thing is for you to have fun and get some amazing photos to look at for years to come. Hubby can come along too!


Vintage Chic Bride

Get one of those lacy white parasols and gloves, borrow grandma’s pearls and have your hairdresser and makeup artist work extra hard on pulling off the best Dita Von Teese inspired look as possible. Remember to keep a lookout for vintage-looking settings and once you do find the perfect one, ask if you could use it for your shoot. After that it’s all about striking a pose.

Would you trash your wedding dress or opt for photo shoot ideas that don’t require getting ”down and dirty”? I would trash it… Definitely!

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Hilarious! Love the picture of climbing - brilliant! Have a fab weekend!

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