6 Wedding Decorating Accessories I Love from BHLDN


6 Wedding Decorating Accessories I Love from BHLDN
6 Wedding Decorating Accessories I Love from BHLDN

BHLDNis become quite the one stop wedding shop! From bridal gownsand bridesmaid dresses to their new collection of decorating accessories; you'll be able to find everything for your big day all bundled together on one creative site. Here are a few of my favorites, come back to share yours....

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For Your Cake...

For Your Cake... Price: $148.00

I saw this sweet tree trunk cake stand **and fell in love. I love the mixture of the woodsy look with the **crisp white color. This handmade Earthenware treat stand is lovely for so many themes; beach weddings, backyard weddings, and even fall weddings.


Storybook Cake Topper...

Storybook Cake Topper... Price: $48.00

Your wedding is a fairytale come true and what better cake topper to display than one inspired by a storybook. The details and colors on this creative cake topper **are amazing. Handmade and painted by artist Nathalie Lete and Mara Mifor **BHLDN.


Time to Eat...

Time to Eat... Price $24.00

Now that you have your cake stand and cake topper you'll need something to help you eat your delicious cake! Why not feed each other in style with these personalized bride and groom or Mr. & Mrs. **cake forks **by WoodenHive! Purchase the bride and groom set for the wedding and the Mr. & Mrs. for your anniversary.


Rustic Lighting...

Rustic Lighting... Price: $14.00-$22.00

Romantic, rustic, and beachy; summer is here in the most wonderful way! These** adrift candle baskets are the coolest candle holders I've seen and I wish we had them for our centerpieces! The thing I love about BHLDN is that most of their products are **handmade like this beach lovers set. Can you smell the ocean air yet?


Heart to Heart...

Heart to Heart... Price: $58.00 for a set of 8

How adorable are these slate chalkboard hearts! I can think of a million ways to use them in your wedding plans, what about you? You could make placecards out of them, send them home with guests as favors, or **gift **your bridesmaids with little love notes...for just a few ideas!


Vintage Love...

Vintage Love... Price: $28.00

Don't just call up your favorite ladies and ask them to be part of your big day. This is a special moment for you both and you'll want her to remember how she felt when you ask her to be your maid of honor. Send her a lovely **vintage handkerchief **by Bird and Bannerand she'll always have something to hold on to that moment with.

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I haven't seen these things yet! Love it all! Especially that cake stand. That is on my wish list now!!

Ohhh BHLDN... how many ways do I LoVE... I still love etsy for the kinds of things BHLDN has ($ and karma reasons)... except the crown kit and the garlands!!! That kit is brilliance!

I love those finds and how brilliant are those chalkboard hearts?... You're totally right...They are great for so many different projects! Hugs and kisses, sunshine

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