8 Advice for Those Getting Married


8 Advice for Those Getting Married
8 Advice for Those Getting Married

Getting married involves a lot of decision making, personal sacrifices, and unforeseen changes in your life. It’s hard in the beginning to remember that you now have another person’s future to be concerned about. All of your decisions don’t revolve solely around you. Here are 8 advice for those getting married. Use what you can and pass them on to others who might be able to benefit from them as well.

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Don’t Try to Make All the Arrangements on Your Own

Planning a wedding is a huge project to try and take on all by yourself. There are plenty of wedding planners who get paid to take care of all aspects of a wedding. If you are trying to save money, then be sure to dole out some of the responsibility. Get friends and family members to help wherever possible.


You Don’t Have to Try to Have the Biggest Wedding on the Face of the Earth

It is possible to have a very memorable wedding without spending thousands and thousands of dollars. You can get ideas from bridal magazines on how to have an elegant wedding for less. I know some people feel the need to invite every person they’ve ever known, but this can be the reason your wedding has become increasingly expensive. The more people you invite, the more invites there will be to send out, the more food there needs to be, and the more space for seating that will be required.


Try Not to Take out Your Anger on Your Spouse

Whether you are angry because your wedding plans aren’t going the way you wanted them to or if you are just having a bad day, don’t take your anger out on your loved one. This is a good tip to remember even after the wedding is over and done with. Keeping your cool makes for an over all more pleasant life.


Share Any Concerns You Might Have about the Future with Your Spouse

It’s always good to know where you both expect the future to take you. If you find you both have completely different expectations for the future, then you might want to discuss this in a calm manner. It will be helpful to be on the same page before and after the wedding. This makes it so neither one of you are left in the dark about the other person’s plans.


Keep the Line of Communication Open at All Times

Talking openly with one another will make married life easier. Discuss problems, share ideas, talk about finances, make decisions together, and enjoy each other’s company. Being able to talk to your spouse like you would any of your other friends is always a great feeling.


Remember That Your Loved One Isn’t a Mind Reader

Just because you notice something right away, this doesn’t mean that your spouse will notice the same thing. You might be able to tell when your loved one is having a rough day, but don’t expect him to be able to tell when you are irritated about something. You also can’t expect him to automatically know why you are irritated in the first place.


Never Let Money Come between You and Your Spouse

I’ve seen many divorces occur because of money issues. Sometimes it’s helpful for you each to have your own bank accounts and then have a joint account also. You can each deposit equal amounts into the joint account so that neither one of you are supplying more funds than the other. As long as you both agree on a financial arrangement and talk about how money should be handled, there shouldn’t be any reason for an argument to break out over money.


Make Sure You like the Person You Are Going to Marry

I have friends that I adore to pieces, but most of them I would go crazy if I had to be married to them. I’ve loved people in the past that I just couldn’t’ imagine living with because I didn’t like them enough to tolerate their little quirks or attitude about certain things. Make sure you know your future spouse well enough that you actually like the person behind the title.

I think these 8 advice for those getting married are fairly basic. However, it’s hard to think of much when you are preoccupied with the whole idea of getting married. Which of these 8 advice tips do you feel is the most helpful?

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All great advice! I think my favorite is the one about don't expect your spouse to be a mind reader. So important!

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