8 Must Know Truths about Marriage ...


Most young people get married with stars in their eyes. They believe they have found their soul mates and now they will live happily ever after. Unfortunately they are in for a rude shock. Marriage is not all fun and games and here are 8 must know truths about it.

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You Will Compromise

You will find yourself compromising on a lot of factors. From issues as small as the toilet seat being left up to bigger issues like his needing to spend Saturday night with the guys, you will find yourself constantly putting up or doing stuff that you wouldn’t ordinarily do.


You Will Get Disappointed

Don’t be surprised if your handsome exciting husband turns out to have flaws. Maybe he isn’t as successful at work as you thought or doesn’t help out much at home. It’s perfectly normal to feel a little disappointed as you begin living with your other half.


You Will Not Have Sex as Often as You Thought

As days turn into weeks and months, lo and behold, you won’t be having sex every night as you first did. What’s more, you won’t really be missing it as much as you thought. As it gets more and more familiar, it will no longer hold as much appeal.


You Will Get Bored

When two people live with each other for an extended period of time, they are ultimately going to get bored with each other and their lives. It is a natural phenomenon. The key is to accept that it’s normal and constantly try to change things up so that they aren’t that boring all the time.


You Can Never Change Your Partner’s Characteristics

The only person you can change in a relationship is you. You may think you can get your partner to change over time and give up his annoying habits but more often than not, you will find yourself putting up with them rather than him changing.


You Will Have a Companion for Life

Despite all the disappointment, compromise and boredom, here is the good news. You now have a partner for life. This person is yours to share all your hopes, dreams, accomplishments and setbacks with and he’s got your back.


You Have to Work Hard to Keep Your Love Alive

Marriage is hard work and anyone who said it was easy was mistaken or lying. It takes hard work and determination to keep your love alive. You both need to support each other, surprise each other and be creative throughout your lives for it to survive.


There is Nothing Wrong with Getting Help, Most People do

Finally if things are turning out to be too much to handle, there is no harm in getting help. In fact it’s one of the smarter things to do rather than throwing in the towel.

A wedding is about decadent decorations, indulgent food, merriment, fun and laughter. A marriage is very different. It’s about commitment, compromise and hard work. Making sure you go into it with your eyes wide open is the first step to a long and happy marriage.

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