5 Unique Things for Your Bridesmaids to Carry ...


5 Unique Things for Your Bridesmaids to Carry ...
5 Unique Things for Your Bridesmaids to Carry ...

Maybe you're a non-traditional couple or maybe you just want something other than flowers for your bridesmaids. Your wedding should be personalized with your style, so dare to be different with these 5 unique things for your bridesmaids to carry down the aisle...

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Walk by Candlelight...

Walk by Candlelight... Photo: GlamourandGraceWeddings.blogspot.com

For your outdoor, rustic weddingthese candlelight mason jarsare the perfect touch to set the romantic mood. For all those bridesmaidswith allergies, show your bride this cool idea for her big day! **Are your ladies carrying something unique? **


Get Carried Away...

Get Carried Away... Photo: AislinnEvents.com

Celebrate your big day with bright balloonsas you put a smile on your bridesmaids and all of your guests! Bring the trend from the engagement shootright into your wedding day with balloons of fun random colors or ones that match your wedding decor. Will this trend fit into your wedding theme?


No Fuss with a Clutch...

No Fuss with a Clutch... Photo: Simplyinspireddesigns.blogspot.com

A clutch is a great bridesmaid gift idea as well as something cool for your ladies to carry down the aisle. I just love how classy and timeless these bridesmaids look with their clutch, black dresses, and beautiful pearls. **Are your bridesmaids getting a fancy gift? **


Your Biggest Wedding Fans...

Your Biggest Wedding Fans... Photo: CarmenWeddings.co.uk/blog

How adorable are these bridesmaids hiding their faces with their beautifulchinese fans! Keep your girls cool for your summer wedding with this idea as they** fan themselves** on that hot August day. I love the little touch of flowers on their wrist; a great idea for brides who want to have a floral wedding but have creative ideas as well.


Feel like a Kid Again...

Feel like a Kid Again... Photo: Etsy.com/shop/Rule42

Plan a carnival theme as your guests eat popcorn and cotton candy, play fun games for big prizes and skip down the aisle with your bridesmaids carrying hot pink pinwheel bouquets. Everyone will feel like a kid again and will never forget the memoriesthey made at your awesome offbeat wedding.

**Do you have a unique item for your bridesmaids to carry? **

Top Photo: IntimateWeddings.com/blog

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