5 Bridesmaid Clutches She'd Love to Have ...


5 Bridesmaid Clutches She'd Love to Have ...
5 Bridesmaid Clutches She'd Love to Have ...

Your bridesmaids are not just any girls walking down the aisle in your wedding. These ladies are your friends, they're your favorite ladies. Finding a gift they will love and use for your wedding and after can be a difficult job. You want something nice and special. Continue reading to see if one of these 5 Bridesmaid Clutches **is the one **she'd love to have...

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A Clutch to Match Your Theme...

A Clutch to Match Your Theme... Photo: Etsy.com/shop/rejenerate
Price: $160.00 Set of 4

Your bridesmaids are there for you through all the planning stress,DIY projects, and put together the best bridal shower ever! If you're planning a vintage themethese lovely clutches would be the cutest** gift for your ladies**, they could even walk down the aislewith them instead of holding flowers! I love the soft colors and the adorable doily like fabric that pops out on each one. Are these clutches the gift you've been looking for?


A Clutch to Match Your Wedding Colors...

A Clutch to Match Your Wedding Colors... Photo: Etsy.com/shop/murwati
Price: $138.00 Set of 6

Purple is a stunning accent color for bridesmaidswearing grey, orange, or even yellow. Give your ladies a** pop of color** with this beautiful ruffled purple wristlet clutch and they will be sure to use it for all of your wedding emergency items! How gorgeous would this clutch look with a bridesmaid in grey wearingpurple heels! **Have you found the right color for your bridesmaids? **


Clutches to Match Your Wedding Decor...

Clutches to Match Your Wedding Decor... Photo:Etsy.com/shop/Paperflora
Price: $98.00 Set of 4

Damask is a very popular accent forwedding decor. You can find it on wedding invitations,** table runners**, favors, and now on your bridesmaids' clutches! These** damask clutches** are the perfect touch for your wedding theme, plus they are a great** girl's night out** clutch they can use time after time! Are you looking for a gift to match your decor?


A Clutch to Match Your Atmosphere...

A Clutch to Match Your Atmosphere... Photo: Etsy.com/shop/Oatmeallacedesign
Price: $50.00 each

Classy, Sophisticated, and something she'll love for her first date with her new crush! I love thisclassic black clutchand how the little rosette matches the inside fabric. What's even better is how you can detach the little flower and just carry a black clutch everyone will love! Match your** black tie wedding night** with these beautiful clutches and match the rosette color with yourbridesmaids' dresses.


A Clutch to Match Her Personality...

A Clutch to Match Her Personality... Photo: Etsy.com/shop/KaraMiaSofia
Price: $72.00 Set of 4

Each one of your ladies has their own quirky, funky, outgoing personalities, so why not get them a gift that matches that** cool side** of who they really are. Don't let them walk down the aisle in uniform, let them pick out theirfavorite colored dress, bright colored heels, and afunky clutch. I love how each clutch has multiple colors, great for any bridesmaid who needs a great bag to match her outfit after your wedding day!

**Did you buy a clutch for all of your favorite ladies? **

Top Photo: NelleHandbags.com

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I think #1 is definitely my favorite, considering how wildly different my girl friends are. Oh and hello! :)

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