5 Clutch Purses to Match Your Engagement Outfit ...


5 Clutch Purses to Match Your Engagement Outfit ...
5 Clutch Purses to Match Your Engagement Outfit ...

Yesterday I posted about the beautiful clothingline from Kendall K. and how you could mix those outfits into your engagement shoot. Well doesn't every bride-2-be need the perfect clutch purse to match her wonderful outfit? From the lace cowgirl to the shoot on the beach, maybe one of these will fit your style and engagement outfit...

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A Vintage Shoot ...

A Vintage Shoot ... Photo: Etsy

Remember the lovely Grace dresswith the asymmetrical ruffle along the shoulder? This** pleated coral clutch** would be the perfect match for that sweet Kendall K. dress during your vintage engagement shoot. I love the color and satin fabric, it just looks like a clutch you would find among your grandmother's treasures.


In the Garden...

In the Garden... Photo: Etsy

For the bride-2-be who doesn't like to dress up, but likes to look classy, this brown and white leaf clutch is just the accessory to fit your style. This simple but chic clutch also fits beautifully with your secret garden engagement shoot where you'll be wearing your Kendall K. shortsand blouse.


On the Town...

On the Town... Photo: Zappos

A girl on the town needs a bag that will keep up with her sexyKendall K. outfit. This gorgeous ruffle clutch by Call it Spring will show off her fun personality as well as her romantic side during a hot night in Paris engagement shoot!


At the Beach...

At the Beach... Photo: Zappos

When you're dipping your toes in the sand you don't want a clutch that will blend in with the beach. You want a clutch like this Jessica McClintock,with a pop of color that will match your bright coral and white Kendall K. rosette dress.


Rustic CowGirl...

Rustic CowGirl... Photo: Etsy

Your Kendall K. lace Amanda dressneeds all the right accessories to complete your rustic, country engagement shoot look. You have your cowgirl boots, straw hat, and wild horses and with this sweet lace clutch your ensemble for your theme is set!

Have you found the perfect accessories for your engagement shoot?

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That is so wonderful. I love the ruffle clutch idea and it would look amazing! Have a fantastic Monday, darling How was your weekend? Muah

Love that last lace clutch! Great match for the dress you selected, too!

I love the garden clutch! So cute!

I love the on the town one, so prettyyy!! these are such great suggestions!

These are gorgeous! I'm adoring the town one too! Enjoy the lovely weekend, Kellie xx

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