5 Kendall K. Outfits for Your Engagement Shoot ...


5 Kendall K. Outfits for Your Engagement Shoot ...
5 Kendall K. Outfits for Your Engagement Shoot ...

Engagement shoots have become more than just a trend. They are a way to set the mood, theme, and location of your big day. Choose a garden engagement shoot for a garden wedding or a beach engagement shoot for a beach destination wedding. No matter your theme, one of these fabulous outfits from Kendall K.is sure to be the perfect fit....

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Rustic Engagement...

Are you a country girl marrying a cowboy? Put on your cowgirl boots, run through the corn fields and let the sun set as you take engagement photos in this lovely** lace Amanda dress** from Kendall K.I love the feminine touches in all of her clothing; you can dress up and feel pretty in anything from her line.


Beach Engagement...

Set a romantic scene on the beach with your sweetheart in this gorgeous satin rosette Alicia dress from Kendall K.I love the soft flow of the fabric and the pop of color of the rosette details. Feel the sand in your toes and set the mood for your destination wedding during your beach engagement shoot.


A Night on the Town...

Whether it's Paris, NYC, or LA for your night on the town engagement photos, wear this sexy strapless Charlotte dress by Kendall K.and your lover won't be able to take his hands off you! I love the thought of wearing this lace dress in Paris while taking pictures in front of the Eiffel tower.


A Secret Garden...

Engagement shoots are about your style and comfort. If your not the dressy, girly type take a walk through your garden engagement in shorts or jeans that suit your personality. These adorable little betti shorts aren't available in this tan color yet, but they are available in lace. Don't forget about this pretty top from Kendall K. as well, who doesn't love ruffles!


Vintage Engagement...

Search through thirft stores, your grandmother's attic, or even pieces that have been passed down to your mom for a romantic vintage engagement shoot. With a vintage shoot you'll need the perfect outfit like this lovely Grace aysmetrical ruffle dress by Kendall K.

Special Thanks to Kendall K. for her inspiration and beautiful clothing line!

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Vintage engagement is right up my alley! Love that! I know I've said I'm not a country kind of girl, but that rustic engagement look is so beautiful!

Kendall is brilliant and she created such an amazing collection. Im totally in love with your post and the way you chose all the beautiful themes. Im dreaming about the lace Amanda dress for a while now and I love the idea of having a secret garden theme. So romantic. Yay..to Friday, darling. Hope you will have a relaxing and fun weekend. Kisses

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