4 New Bridal Gowns from BHLDN ...


4 New Bridal Gowns from BHLDN ...
4 New Bridal Gowns from BHLDN ...

Does BHLDNnot get more amazing with their gowns, accessories, and now wedding decor! I received an email yesterday about their four new **bridal gowns **and fell head over heels in love. I didn't think it was possible to still love wedding gowns this much a year after my own wedding, which one is your favorite...

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Simple Elegance...

Simple Elegance... Price: $1,400

Does she not just wear this elegant gown with ease! I love the flow of the fabric of this lovely wedding dress from BHLDN. It works for a simple court house wedding, but has a sophisticated elegance that would glow during a beach ceremony.


Delicate Lace...

Delicate Lace... Price: $1,200

Everyone is after the Kate Middletonlook and this **delicate lace **gown reminds me of a modern twist on the Alexander McQueendress the princess surprised us with. Go to BHLDNfor a look at the even more dramatic button and bow details on the back!

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Fun & Flirty...

Fun & Flirty... Price: $ 2,500

The tiered** silk chiffon skirt, the **colorful floral sash, and a slit in the back...what could be more **fun and flirty **for a bride than this gown from BHLDN! Could you just imagine a beautiful garden wedding full of pink and yellow peonies...so dreamy.


Fantastic Detail...

Fantastic Detail... Price: $2,200

Oh what a gorgeous gown that had me at hello! The little hand-cut poms clustered down the bodice and gathered together with detail at the bottom of the skirt grabbed my heart and made me smile. BHLDNandAnna Suiknow how to make a girl happy!

Do you have your heart set on a wedding gown from BHLDN?

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Those dresses are truly stunning and the second one is totally incredible. I love that cut! Have a great Tuesday morning, darling Kisses and see you later:)

Oh my goodness they have THE best dresses, don't they?! I love the delicate lace one!

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