5 Hot Dresses for Every Spring 2011 Bridesmaid ...

Spring and Summer Weddings are right around the corner, which means brides are already busy planning and shopping. To help bring that warm, bright Spring feeling into your heart here are 5**** Hot Bridesmaid Dresses for Spring 2011... why not let your girls choose the right one for them!

5. April Showers Bring Dresses with Flowers...

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Photo: Fashionablebride.com

Dress: Dessy.com

Fresh, Fun, and Funky! She looks like a bridesmaid who is at a beautiful Spring wedding having the time of her life with her best friend, the bride. A small bouquet of purple tulipsor a butterfly bouquet would be the perfect compliment to complete this fun floral dress. Think outside the traditional bridesmaid box to give your girls something they will love forever like this striking dress from After Six. Will your bridesmaids have a cute pattern on their dresses?

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