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4 Ways to Mix up the Colors for Your Wedding ...

By Diana

There are so many** gorgeous wedding trends** and themes out there for a bride and groom to choose from that it can be difficult to want to plan just one. What if you wanted to** mix trends**, themes, and** colors together** into one big celebration? Would it be so wrong! Have fun and mix it up with these 4 ways to plan a** colorful wedding**...

4 Keeping It Fresh...

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I have found a new love for colorful weddingsand not just two or three colors, but four or five colors mixed together for one big day! Let thecolors popin your beautiful bouquet like this** yellow and pink** show stopper and decorate your tables with an amazing** array of** colors. Forget the rules, just have fun and keep it fresh!

3 A Colorful Day...

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It's ice cream on a warm day, a phone call from your best friend, or the kiss he sneaks when you're not looking. Bright, colorful weddings have a good, sunshine feeling that will make your guests' smile last through the whole day. Show off your bubbly side withlollipop favors, rainbow umbrellas, and bridesmaids dressed in fun colors or prints. Do your** wedding colors** give you good vibrations?

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2 Buttons, Balloons, & a Beautiful Bouquet...

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Mix up your wedding theme with colorful decor details likebutton and spool centerpieces, balloons for your bridesmaids, and fun props for your reception. You don't need to stick to one idea; for** our wedding** we had abeach theme cakealong with lemon and butterfly centerpieces. Do things your way!

1 A Rainbow Explosion...

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Happiness **is what this inspiration board is all about, but it's also what your wedding should be about. Don't get lost in the details, planning, guest list, or seating arrangement. If you want to wearred rain boots, have yarn centerpieces, and have your **bridesmaids carry adorable pinwheelsthan go for it! Remember your true colors and the love that will show when you stick to that one rule!

**How will you mix things up for your wedding day? **

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