7 Beautifully Charming DIY Wedding Centerpieces ...


7 Beautifully Charming DIY Wedding Centerpieces ...
7 Beautifully Charming DIY Wedding Centerpieces ...

DIY Wedding Centerpieces are a fun, budget-friendly way to add a personal touch to your wedding decorations! They are fabulous, they are creative, they are unique, they are something you can’t just walk into the store and buy and these are some pretty strong reasons for which more and more brides decide to go with DIY wedding centerpieces instead of store bought ones! Have you been thinking about these as well? Well, these 7 ideas for lovely DIY wedding centerpieces will blow your mind!

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Garden Wedding DIY Wedding Centerpieces

Use: Seasonal Blooms and Slim Vases
One of the best things about DIY centerpieces is the fact that you don’t really have to spend a lot of money on them and you don’t have to lose even a tiniest percent of that WOW effect! If your ideal wedding is something natural, relaxed but still chic you can always buy slim, clear vases and carefully arrange inexpensive but incredibly romantic seasonal blooms.


DIY Wedding Centerpieces with Wild Flowers

Use: Wild Flowers and Candles
Can you make a flower wreath? Well, now would be a good time to learn because your unique, casual wedding could use some equally unique wedding centerpieces! Make two perfectly round, rich flower wreaths (you don’t have to use wild flowers only) for each table. Arrange them to symbolize wedding rings (one should intersect the other) and add a beautiful decorative white, lilac or green candle either next to them or in the empty space of their intersection.


Beach Wedding DIY Wedding Centerpieces

Use: Sand, Seashells, Candles, Glitter
Visit a few dollar stores to find glass bowls you’ll later use to make your fabulously beachy DIY wedding centerpieces! You can get regular round ones but you should also see if you can find star or hear shaped ones as they would look absolutely stunning. The next step is the sand and I really don’t see a reason for paying for something you can get for free! So hit the beach, “borrow” a few bags of sand, wash it, let it dry, run it through a fine sieve and wash again. Once your sand is dry, you can mix it with glitter and pour into bowls. Decorate with candles and seashells and voila! All done!


Contemporary DIY Wedding Centerpieces

Use: Candles and Decorative Wrappers
Opting for centerpieces that are modern, easy to transport, easy to put together and, most importantly, don’t need to be kept in the water could be a really good idea! You can buy regular white candles in various sizes and heights (but not various shapes as that would make your tables look messy), wrap them in patterned self-adhesive foils (choose pop art, flower patterns, whatever you like), add satin ribbons and arrange them all in the center of each table. Put a lot of candles at the center of each table but keep them unlit as that amount of heat certainly wouldn’t make your guests feel comfortable. And here’s the best thing – you don’t have to buy wedding favors, you can simply allow the guests to take the centerpieces home!


Cotton Candy DIY Wedding Centerpieces

Use: Old Jam Jars, Old Bottles, Glass Paints, Flovers
Your whimsical princess wedding just wouldn’t be complete without unique centerpieces and since these things aren’t something you can buy just anywhere, I’d suggest good old fashioned arts and crafts! Buy pastel glass paints in lilac, baby pink, candy orange and milky green, paint all those interesting whimsical old bottles and jars you’ve found, decorate them each with a few ribbons and feathers and add cool-looking flowers that are just a few shades darker than the color of the DIY vase your planning to use for each.


Vintage Centerpieces

Use: Old Books, Vintage Dishes, Cutlery, Porcelain Figurines
Vintage or vintage-looking centerpieces look extremely glamorous and I have no doubt you could make them very easily. All you have to do in order to get really unique centerpieces is to stack or tie together a few obviously old books, and decorate them with flowers, other vintage pieces you have or... both! Here’s one useful tip for all of you who are planning to create vintage-looking pieces – use fake gold leaves and you can turn any modern object into a fabulous aged-looking piece!


Fruity Centerpieces

Use: Baskets, Large Vases, Decorative Plates, Fruits
Take large brass or silver toned plates and carefully arrange various fruit if you want posh, Victorian-looking centerpieces, throw fresh, green apples into huge vases filled with water if you want creative garden wedding centerpieces or arrange fruits into wooden baskets for a fun picnic-themed wedding! Yaaay!

Amazing, aren’t they? Can you believe these are all DIY wedding centerpieces? They really look like they have been made by a pro – don’t they? Would you consider DIY wedding centerpieces for your wedding or you prefer to leave the decoration business to other people?

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