8 Wedding Centerpiece Ideas That Look Amazing ...


8 Wedding Centerpiece Ideas That Look Amazing ...
8 Wedding Centerpiece Ideas That Look Amazing ...

Centerpiece Ideas for your wedding is hard to figure out in the beginning, especially if you have no idea what you want to do! There are so many different choices out there and if you’re having a themed wedding, it makes it that much more difficult! Ladies – don't worry, if you are going through the wedding planning blues thinking up centerpiece ideas that will make your tables look amazing, I got you covered! Below, we are going to explore 8 wedding centerpiece ideas that will brighten up every single table!

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Personally, I think that branches are the ideal centerpiece idea for any kind of wedding. Not only can you paint the branches to match your wedding colors (or even just plain white to match anything) but you can glam them out too! Adding glitter or even rhinestones can really add some flare into your centerpiece!



While you might think that this centerpiece idea might be a little too traditional for you, there are ways that you can make it your own. For example, what you put the candles in make a huge difference. You could add in an array of colors for your candle holders or even use floating candles. It is all about making it your own and there are tons of ways you can do that with candles!


Colorful Vases

I love different colored and even differently shaped vases as centerpieces. I think that they look elegant and that they are pretty unique and different. If your colors are black and silver, why not add in some clear, white, black and silver vases filled with beautiful flowers for your centerpiece? The shapes are important too – odd shaped things look cool for centerpieces!



Flowers are always the standard centerpiece ideas out there but you can again, customize this one and make it your own! Just like the candles, think about what you are placing the flowers in and even what flowers you are utilizing for your centerpieces. Florists honestly have been keeping up with the trends lately and have been creating quite a lot of unique and different things with flowers, so make sure you take that into consideration too. You don't need to settle for traditional; you can make it your own!



Fruit is actually a really popular trend in wedding centerpieces; whether you keep the fruit whole or you slice it up it looks great either way! Typically, lemons, limes and oranges are the most popular but what about putting some cherries or even some mango or starfruit, whole in a fancy vase? These are all great ideas for a centerpiece that is unique and different!



Now I am not talking about putting a Christmas tree as your centerpiece but a small, miniature tree can actually look really incredible! You can even string some white lights through the branches and really make your table pop. Just keep the size in mind when you are choosing and you'll be fine!



Let's say the theme of your wedding is beach themed and you want something that ties that in – why not seashells? Seashells whether they are big or small make fantastic centerpieces and can really tie that beach theme in. Heck, you can even add in a little sand (in a vase or something though, you don't want sandy food!) and some shells and it will be beautiful!



Oh how I love feathers and with the feather trend weaving its way into weddings, why not add in some feathers to your centerpiece? Whether you want something elegant such as long, white feather or you want something colorful, there are so many different choices! The best part about this centerpiece is that you can even do it yourself with a bit of Styrofoam and some feathers!

So ladies, as you can see there are a ton of different centerpiece ideas out there that can help you with your wedding planning blues! Whether you want seashells to tie in your theme or you want something a little unique and different, there truly are centerpiece ideas for everyone! What are some of the centerpieces that you have seen out there that stuck out to you?

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Love the tree idea. I've seen some great decor with them. . . .

loving these ideas!!

These are all great ideas! I have been a floral designer for many years and even though all of your ideas don't include flowers, floral designers are often called upon to design many of the centerpieces you have mentioned in your article.

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