4 Wedding Inspiration Ideas Home Decor ...


4 Wedding Inspiration Ideas Home Decor ...
4 Wedding Inspiration Ideas Home Decor ...

Home is where we decorate with our personalities, it's where we feel comfortable and love to relax. Whether it's a formal, sophisticated setting, or a more rustic or vintage feel, home is where our inspiration for life begins. Look around your home to see where your personality shines and bring those ideas to your wedding plans. Maybe these** 4 inspiring home decor ideas** will inspire your wedding...

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A Formal Dinner Party...

Photos: StyleMePretty, DecorPad

The decor theme, colors, dinnerware, glassware, and furniture of your** dining room** can all inspire your wedding plans. Do you enjoy throwing formal dinner parties, dressing up, and decorating in black and white? You can plan a wedding with little details of your inspiration on your invitationsand favorsor you can go all out from ceremony to reception with yourbridal party attireand table settings. Just don't forget the wine!


Sophisticated Garden...

Photos: StyleMePretty, HouseofTurquoise

Perhaps you enjoy spending time in your sophisticated sitting room reading a good book. There is no TV, and no sticky coffee tables, just a big window, a few chairs and a room filled with beautiful artwork and vases full of bouquets. You are a couple who enjoys walks through secret gardens, far off places, and day dreaming! Fill your cocktail hour with** soft chairs** and ottomans for a sophisticated lounge area as books and peony centerpieces fill your reception.


All about Love...

Photo: StyleMePretty, HouseofTurquoise

Your bedroom is romantic and soft. Every time you enter the room you feel the magic and love that surrounds you. Think about the clean lines, the lighting, colors and decor of your bedroomand even the sheets that cover your bed. What does it say about you? Let the love flow from your favorite roomright into your wedding plans for a magical, loving night.


Rustic Chic...

Photos: StyleMePretty, HouseofTurquoise

Even a look inside your bathroom can help with your wedding decor ideas when you get stuck for inspiration. Is it simple and relaxing or have you put some thought into it with arustic and vintage theme? I love the detailed pattern around the beautiful blue mirror and the amazing foot claw tub in this rustic bathroom.

Have you found wedding inspiration inside your lovely home?

**Top Photo: **MyWedding

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