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5 Things You Need for a Royal Wedding Party ...

By Diana

Tomorrow is the big day and what better way to celebrate the Royal Wedding than hosting your own viewing party! Maybe you won't be up at 4am to watch Kate Middletonand Prince William'sbig day, but you can DVR it and invite your friends over for a party even the Queen would love....

5 Royal Food...

Royal Food...Photo: YumSugar

For your Royal Wedding Party serve little **finger sandwiches **that will go great with your English tea. These tasty sandwiches are filled with cheese and a creamy cucumber-and-scallion spread. Check out the link for an easy to make recipe.

4 Don't Be Late for Tea...

Don't Be Late for Tea...Photo: MarthaStewartWeddings

We all know the Britishlove tea, there's even an officialtea cupfor the Royal Wedding! So make sure your guests are on time for high noon tea, which is 2pm. Decorate your tea bags with this adorable heart cut-out idea from Martha Stewartand write Kate loves William on each tag!


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3 British Decorations...

British Decorations...Photo: DesignEditor

What's a **Royal Wedding party**without British flags, a Royal invitation, and crowns fit for a Prince and Princess! Head on over toDesign Editorfor free royal wedding printables to make your party the one everyone won't want to miss.

2 Jam and Scones...

Jam and Scones...Photo: YumSugar

Along with tea and finger sandwiches, you need to have a Royal Wedding dessert for your guests. You can make your own or call your local bakery for fresh jam and baked scones, but be certain to serve them at your party because they are very popular in the UK and will be popular with your guests.

1 Fancy Feathers...

Fancy Feathers...Photo:

Follow the trends of Kate Middletonat your Royal Wedding party as you invite your guests to don fancy feather hair accessories. Many parties might put on their fancy hats, but I think the feathers would be more suited for a party honoring Kate and her new Prince!

What ideas do you have for your Royal Wedding party?

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