4 Ways to Be Inspired by the Royal Wedding ...


4 Ways to Be Inspired by the Royal Wedding ...
4 Ways to Be Inspired by the Royal Wedding ...

Almost every day we hear something new about the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. This morning on ABCNewsthey were wondering which tiara the Queen would give Kate to wear for the big day. And now they have launched their official wedding website! Are you excited by the engagement, if so here are 4 ways to be inspired by Royal Wedding for your big day...

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A Royal Invitation...

A Royal Invitation... A Royal Invitation... Photos: Flickr& Wedding Chicks

Prince William and Kate **have already sent out their invitations to all their guests, including Elton Johnand David Beckham. Maybe your guest list isn't as famous as theirs, but you can create a **royal inspired invitation that your guest will love. Check out the paper goods and much more over at Wedding Chicks, where they want everyone to feel like a princess!


Royal China...

Royal China... Royal China... Photos: Dailymail.co.uk& TheUKgiftcompany.co.uk

Did you put the Royal Wedding china on your registry? For some reason, even though you can purchase the official royal china, others have created plates, cups, and bowlswith Prince Williamand Kate's faces on them! Would this inspire you to make your own wedding china with your face or monogram on it?


The Royal Tiara....

The Royal Tiara.... Photo: Glamour& PrincessBrideTiaras

Queen Elizabethhas given many Royal Princesses their tiaras as a wedding gift and now we are all wondering which tiara Kate will receive. There is even a tiara that Princess Dianaused to wear that could be given to the new princess. It may not be worth as much as Kate's tiara, but gems like this one from Princess Bride Tiarascan give you that** royal feeling** as you walk down the aisle to marry your prince!


A Ring for a Princess...

A Ring for a Princess... A Ring for a Princess... Photos: BeautyisDiverse& Amazon

You would not believe how many replicas of Kate Middleton's engagement ring are available. Her ring was a wonderful surprise to see because it was the actual engagement ring of Prince William's mother,** Princess Diana**. I love the stunning blue sapphire. You can buy this lovely replica at Amazon.comfor only $59.99! I'm sure the real thing is worth thousands, if not priceless since it was Diana's.

Will you celebrate with a big day inspired by the Royal Wedding?

**Top Photo: **BeautyisDiverse

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I love her ring! They are so cute together!!

I really love reading about them. They seem so in love and lovely. I adore her ring and I cant wait to see which tiara she will wear:) Enjoy your day, my dear kisses Ps: I’m hosting an EmersonMade GIVEAWAY today! Super cute shirt just in time for spring:)

Hi Diana! They do look so sweet and so in love! <3 Thanks for letting me know about the giveaway!

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