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7 Fun Ways to Decorate a Wedding Car ...

By Jelena

Cans? Ribbons? Flowers? These are all nice ways to decorate bride and groom’s getaway vehicle and, in case the couple doesn’t like funny surprises, I’d suggest you stick to them. However, if the wedding in question isn’t going to be totally formal and you know newlyweds like unusual things, here’s some ideas on how to decorate their wedding car:

1 Funny Phrases and Doodles

Get those water-based markers and start thinking of funny ways to use them. You can write their pet names, inside jokes or funny wedding-related phrases. How about “ball” and “chain” on the passenger’s and driver’s window? Doodles are allowed too, just make sure the newlyweds approve of this type of humor.

2 Post-its

I doubt anybody has done this before, so in case you like my idea, you’re welcome to use it anytime you wish. But, let me explain what I have in mind. Let’s say the bride or the groom can’t live without post-its – the fridge, office or the computer is covered with them. Covering their car with post-its would, in this case, be a sort of an inside joke. But, wait until you hear the best part! Post-its are not supposed to be blank so organize a little DIY project and get people to fill them up with anything from lyrics and wishes to the couple to funny to-do notes and marital tips.

3 Themed Decorations

Theme weddings offer plenty of fun’n’crazy or simply fun ways to decorate a getaway car the newlyweds will use to make their “sweet escape”. A beach wedding in Maui gives you a chance to play with words and their theme enough to use shells to spell “Just Mauied”. You can replace the traditional cans and tie shells or little sand shovels to the bumper. Or, if it is a garden wedding, you can use plastic or metal pots instead. Just be creative!

4 Balloons

Buy as many heart-shaped balloons as you can, fill them up with helium, tie pink ribbons and attach them to the roof using duct tape. I’m talking tenths of balloons, girls, cartoon style, you know. Oh, yeah, and make sure you fill the back seat with them too. In fact, you can fill up the entire car so, once the newlyweds open the doors, heart-shaped balloons will start flying out if it. It’s definitely interesting and creative plus it’s romantic too, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not it will embarrass the couple.

5 Stuffed Toys Etc

Paper lanterns, stuffed toys, store-bought wedding car decorations – nothing is too much when it comes to decorating a wedding car. If the couple uses pet names such as “kittens” or “little bear” you can get stuffed animals and attach them to the car windows, hang them on the mirrors or something like that. The more the merrier is my motto so, I’d definitely let my bridal party get crazy while decorating my car.

6 Personalized Flower Wreaths

In case the wedding is going to be a very formal, upscale, church one, you’ll probably need to keep the wedding car looking elegant too. No crazy stuff for you I’m afraid, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use your creative skills! Flower wreaths are a romantic, elegant decoration used to mark the bride and groom’s car all around the world, so why not order a custom made one, for a change? Shaped like the first letter of the last name they will share after the wedding ceremony, for example. What do you think of that?

7 Christmas Lights

Want to make sure the wedding car will really stands out? Decorate it the same way you would decorate your house for Christmas! Great for Las Vegas or Christmas themed weddings! Maybe the couple chose to have an evening ceremony? Bingo! Lights are exactly what you need to make their car noticeable for anyone using the same route that evening. You can use bigger lights to outline the car and smaller ones to spell “Just Married” or “Bride” and “Groom” on their windows. Now, I’m not really sure where are you going to plug in those lights but, hey, that’s out of my jurisdiction, you deal with it.

Hope this has given you something to think about and good luck decorating your own or somebody else’s wedding car. I’m curious, though… How would you do it?

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