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7 No-Nos at a Bachelorette Party ...

By Lyndsie

Bachelorette parties are supposed to be tons of fun. That's the whole idea behind them. However, just because something is fun doesn't mean that it has to get reckless, dangerous, or inappropriate. There are some things you always want to avoid on that last night of singledom, because well, you might find yourself still single if you do them. Let's see if you agree with these 7 no-nos at a bachelorette party.

1 Blow-up Dolls

So, I confess, I learned about this from watching Bridezillas. You should probably stay away from blow-up dolls – or any kind of blow-up … figure, for that matter. People get mad! Plus, there will probably be pictures, and they will probably end up on Facebook, and that's just bad news for everybody.

2 Fights

No fights at the bachelorette party! Obviously, you don't want to fight amongst yourselves; that takes all the fun out of what is supposed to be the biggest girls night ever. However, you also don't want to get into fights with anyone else, like random guys or girls at a bar or a club. That, too, is just bad news for everyone.

3 Inappropriate Dares

Bachelorette parties are all about being risque, and that's cool. However, there is such a thing as being too risque. Like, as I was reading up on this, there was something about being dared to walk up the street while doing unspeakable things to a hot dog. I can't even … no.

4 Cheating

Naturally, cheating during a bachelorette party is just really, really bad – and that may well be the biggest understatement ever. I know things happen, you're partying, maybe drinking, and having a good time; the girls involved can lose a lot of their inhibitions. However, you want to keep some of them, because something like this could ruin your impending nuptials.

5 Getting Too Blotto

Like say, these parties are all about having fun and letting loose. A lot of time, the girls at the party do drink, and if that's your bag, that's totally cool. However, be careful not to drink too much – because that can be when some of these other things happen.

6 Getting Naked

Everybody needs to keep their clothes on during the bachelorette party. Bad things happen when people get naked. You see it on every reality show and Girls Gone Wild commercial ever. The last thing you want to do is wake up wondering why your underwear is stuffed in your pocket or something.

7 Crashing the Bachelor Party

Some couples have a combined bachelor and bachelorette party, and that's cool – if it's what the two of you decide. I doubt any girl would really want her fiance crashing her party, though, so you need to give him the same respect. I know you may be dying to know what's going on, but it's bad form to crash because you're suspicious.

I'm not even sure if I want to have a bachelorette party. I haven't really decided yet. I would love to hear some stories, though. What's the best bachelorette party you've ever been to?

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