Real Wedding a Lovely Hat Theme Wedding in the UK ...


Real Wedding a Lovely Hat Theme Wedding in the UK ...
Real Wedding a Lovely Hat Theme Wedding in the UK ...

I am so happy to share the unique story of this beautiful UK wedding from Kiss the Frog x Photography. I contacted Andrea about posting one of her real weddings and she sent me the most lovely photos from Hester and Phil's hat themed wedding.

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Getting Ready...

Getting Ready... I just love the grouping of these four beautiful photos; all about the bride! Her whimsical gown, her lovely bouquet, her gorgeous shoes, and a beautiful bridal portrait. Makes me want to look at my wedding photos all over again! See the name on her shoe box? Yes it says Prada, what a lucky gal!


The Guests...

The Guests... What a fun and unique wedding. All of the guests were asked to wear hats of their choosing. I love that every guest in this photo is wearing a different hat!

A word from Andrea at Kiss the Frog x:

"There is an old tradition in the UK of ladies wearing hats to a wedding, which not many people do anymore. In the past a woman always wore a hat to church. As most weddings used to be performed in a church then women would wear their best hat on this special occasion too."


Beautiful Details...

Are you in love with this adorable wedding yet? Check out the amazing hat wall in the top right, what a great idea to go with their theme! I love all of the details and every kissing photo of the bride and groom, they are so in love and you can feel it.


Looking through the Hats...

Looking through the Hats... From Andrea:

"For this wedding the bride chose ‘hats’ as the theme of her wedding, but on this occasion she requested that both men and women wore a hat completely of their own choice....


Kiss the Bride...

Kiss the Bride... "Their wedding day was a little different too. They had a private civil ceremony in the morning, followed by a swim and picnic at their favourite beach. Their marriage was then blessed by the bride’s father at their family home. The father is a minister at the local church."


The Lovely Couple...

The Lovely Couple... A sweet couple you want to get to know. Her hair flower is so perfect that there was no need for a veil. I love his** grey suit** and open collared shirt, no tie needed either! Congratulations Hester and Phil!


A Hat Celebration...

A Hat Celebration... A great photo and a great way to end a hat themed wedding! Are you and your sweetheart planning a themed wedding?

Special Thanks to Andrea @Kiss the Frog x Photography

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Hi Ladies! Thank you so much for all of the love! Glad you all enjoyed this wedding as much as I did!!

love the hat wall! that theme is so fun and original, I've never seen it done before~

What a gorgeous wedding! So classy! Have a fabulous day, Kellie xx

That is so creative. I love all those hats:) Wonderful wedding! Kisses and wish you a sunny day Ps: I’m hosting a charming jewelry GIVEAWAY today! Hope you’ll join in:)

This is so cute! I love all the hats. And her gown is gorgeous!!

Hi Katie! Thanks for the lovely comment! I enjoyed the hat theme too! :)

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