4 Beautiful Red Bridal Shoes Inspired by the Charity Wedding ...


4 Beautiful Red Bridal Shoes Inspired by the Charity Wedding ...
4 Beautiful Red Bridal Shoes Inspired by the Charity Wedding ...

It's Tuesday Shoesday and I was inspired by Alicia's Charity Weddingguest post. The bridal party and guests wore red shoes in honor of The American Heart Associationand Kim Duncan's mother. So to honor the American Heart Assoc., Kim's mom, and women every where, take a look at these beautiful red bridal shoes my lovely stepdaughter helped me pick out!

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Sparkly Bows...

Sparkly Bows... Photo: Zappos
Price: $592.00

Made with Swarovskicrystals, this sparkling little bow is what caught my stepdaughter's eye and why I love these Stuart Weitzman**red heels** as well! They are playful, pretty, and made to put you in the spotlight during your big day.


Strappy Red...

Strappy Red... Photo: Zappos
Price: $50.15

I love the sleek look of this strappy red sandal from RSVP. This gorgeous bridal shoe is my stepdaughter's favorite and I can see why! It's a simple but chic choice.


Sparkly Buckle...

Sparkly Buckle... Photo: Zappos
Price: $109.00

More sparkly details; what bride doesn't love sparkles for her wedding! The sparkly buckle on the asymmetrical bow is the perfect touch for a bride with a red bow sasharound her wedding gown.


Red Flat...

Red Flat... Photo: Zappos
Price: $62.00

For a former bride who loves flats, where were these beauties when I was looking for fancy bridal shoes! I love the peep toe and the brooch on this mini wedge from Me Too. They even come in a champagne color for brides who aren't into the colorful shoe trend! I'm jealous!

Will you be honoring anyone during your big day?

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How wonderful. I bet they all looked amazing wearing red shoes. The first pair is so adorable. I love bows and that pair just looks perfect to me. Im going to send this idea over to my friend. I think she would like to use something like that for her wedding. Hugs and kisses, sunshine. Ps: I’m hosting a charming necklace GIVEAWAY later today! Hope you’ll join in:)

that's such a good idea - a charity wedding, I love it!! P.S. Yes, we finally found a flat in luzern! I need to take a picture of the outside yet, the inside is being renovated :)

Love those first ones with the sparkly bows! They'd be so fun for a wedding and add a nice pop of color under a wedding dress!

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