4 Chic Heels That Will Ruffle Your Wedding Feathers ...


4 Chic Heels That Will Ruffle Your Wedding Feathers ...
4 Chic Heels That Will Ruffle Your Wedding Feathers ...

A bride's first thought when planning her dream wedding is what her gown will look like and who the designer will be! But as you know the first accessory after we find the perfect outfit is always the perfect pair of shoes! This is no different when it comes to our big day! Let these 4** chic heels** settle your worries and ruffle up your wedding feathers!

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Zip Me up...

Zip Me up... Photo: Zappos
Price: $44.00

Show off your feminine, bride side along with your badass personality with these zipper ruffled heels. I love how the soft and romantic ruffles contrast against the hard, tough zipper. Rock these gorgeous heels in a short Priscilla of Bostongown with a silver sash at the waist. Have you found your ruffled wedding day heels yet?


A Girl's Best Friend...

A Girl's Best Friend... Photo: Zappos
Price: $69.97

There are some brides who have anamazing shoe collectionand might even consider shoes** better than diamonds or chocolate**! Maybe if you have a pair of beautiful ruffled heels like these to wear with your fancy Vera Wangwedding gown you might say that shoes are a girl's best friend! I love the interesting embellishments on the ruffle; what a great shoe to add to your fetish!


Something on the Side...

Something on the Side... Photo: Zappos
Price: $65.00

A woman can be simple when it comes to her shoes but she may also want a pair that can give her some flair and excitement. These adorable ruffled heels are just what the simple yet classy chic bride needs. How much do you love how the ruffles go along the side of the strap! Have you found the right pair of** simple heels** for your big day?


Hot Toes...

Hot Toes... Photo: Zappos
Price: $75.00

I would love to see these** hot ruffled** rosette heels in action on a beautiful bride on her wedding day! How hot is the ruffled ankle strap and the zippered back. Another great heel for a short wedding dress. I wonder if there are any brides reading this who may have worn these** sexy shoes**!

Are there ruffles on your wedding day shoes that will keep everyone on their toes!

Top Photo: RothWellPhotographyBlog

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Finally I found your posts....Diana, you are doing a wonderful job with researching and posting such helpful idea for all those busy brides to be who want their wedding to be the best!! I would love to see your picture with these posts, just like all the other posts on this site....hint..hint... Thank you so much for visiting my site. You are such a sweetheart.

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