5 Hot Pairs of Shoes to Spark up Your Wedding Night


5 Hot Pairs of Shoes to Spark up Your Wedding Night
5 Hot Pairs of Shoes to Spark up Your Wedding Night

On your wedding day your smile, excitment, and happiness glow all day and night long. It's one of the best days of your life, so why not match that happiness with a hot pair of sparkling shoes that will keep you glowing from head to toe! Maybe one of these 5 hot pairs of shoes will spark up your wedding night...

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I Heart Sparkly Shoes...

I Heart Sparkly Shoes... I Heart Sparkly Shoes... Photo: Zappos
Price: $67.46

If you're a bride who likes to wear her hearton her sleeve than slip into these adorable** heart sole,** hot** rainbow glitter** heels! The designer Luichinyputs hearts on the soles of every heel, so now you can show off the top and bottom of your wedding day shoes!


Sparkly Flats...

Sparkly Flats... Photo: Zappos
Price: $265.00

Are you a bride like me who doesn't enjoy wearing heels but wants a** fun flat** to show off your** sparkly personality**? I wish I would have found gorgeous gold flats like these Stuart Weitzmansfor our wedding day, they would have been amazing! Have you found the perfect flatto match your personality?


A Sparkly Bow...

A Sparkly Bow... Photo: Zappos
Price: $92.00

So this may look like a bow on the front of this pewter sparkling heel, but it's actually a half bow! Maybe you're wondering why it's a half bow, but I bet quirky, offbeat brideswould love to rock this J. Reneestrappy shoe!


Michael Kors' Golden Touch...

Michael Kors' Golden Touch... Photo: Zappos
Price: $195.00

Michael Korsknows fashion, that's why he is a star judge on Project Runway, and it's also why we have glittery snake skin embossed pumps like these! Not only will these shoes shine on yourwedding day, but they will grab the attention of your guests!


Rainbow Sparkles...

Rainbow Sparkles... Photo: Zappos
Price: $497.50

I would love to see a bride walking down the aisle with these stunning rainbow crystal heels! Could you imagine these D&G shoeson a bride with ashort wedding dress, a birdcage veil and a bright pink bouquet!

Have you found sparkly heels that will light up your wedding night?

Top Photo: Erin Hearts Court via Itsabrideslife

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Hi Lizzie, Me too, those are one of my favorites! I love that every pair of Luichiny shoes have the heart on the bottom! Thanks for checking out our wedding blog! :)

i love that sparkly pair with the red hearts! TOO cute!

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