3 Amazing Offbeat Weddings ...


3 Amazing Offbeat Weddings ...
3 Amazing Offbeat Weddings ...

Throw your wedding tradition handbook out the window and go offbeat for your theme, attire, and everything in between. Relax and let things flow. Wedding planning can be stressful enough without having to worry about keeping up with traditions. Go offbeat for your big day like these 3 amazing offbeat weddings and never look back!

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Low Key Carnival...

Low Key Carnival... Photos: Flickr.com

Something borrowed and something handmade. This was the creative concept for this fun, "raddest wedding ever",**carnival** invitation,' do it our way' celebration. When you have a** budget of $6,000** you make the best of it and always remember that it's not about the decor, cake, or bridal party; it's about love. Liz and Rev were original and true to themselves. Some people may not have liked theirquirky ceremony, their non-traditional vows, or their vegan donut wedding cake and that's OK! Be happy and remember everyone will follow when they see the** true love** you share.


A Folk Festival Celebration...

A Folk Festival Celebration... Photos:Flickr.com

When you're an offbeat, non-traditional coupleyou celebrate your wedding day in the only fashion you know. There can only begreat thingswhen you plan your wedding ceremonyat the local folk festivaland put on an** acrobatic performance** instead of dancing the waltz for your first dance! I love their balloon altar and their old world folk wedding attire. The location and dress doesn't make you a **bride, the feeling in your heart and the excitement of planning this life long journey** makes you a bride.


A Tent in the Woods...

A Tent in the Woods... Photos: Flickr.com

If you really love the outdoors don't just plan abackyard wedding, go to the forestand set up a colorful tent like this hippie, woodland loving couple from Nottinghamshire, England. Not only did they set up a tent for their **wedding reception, but they also set up a tent for theirfirst night as newlyweds! You can be offbeat and trendy too like Lydia and Nathan did with their yummy vegan cupcakes, adorable cake topper and DIY wedding sign. Being offbeat doesn't mean trashy, it just means that your more **colorful than most brides and grooms!

**Have you found offbeat and non-traditional ways to plan your wedding? **

Top Photo: Flickr.com

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I love offbeat weddings, esp carnival ones! They always look like a great celebration! :) Thanks for the comment Sheila doll!

Hey Kristin! So happy that you loved our round up of offbeat weddings! We love Offbeat Bride too, great site! Cant wait to see your site. Thanks for checking out Wedding.AllWomenstalk!

Ooo the carnival looks like a LOT of fun!

Love it -- I love Offbeat Bride and love vegan weddings even more! Haha.. thanks for posting these! :D

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