4 Wedding Inspiration Ideas Runway Fashion ...


4 Wedding Inspiration Ideas Runway Fashion ...
4 Wedding Inspiration Ideas Runway Fashion ...

Sometimes we see the same wedding ideas over and over again; balloons, mustache sticks, and even candy dessert bars. All are good and fun, but maybe you want to find new and** fresh ideas**. Take a look at these 4 wedding inspiration ideas from the** fashion runway** and you may just turn your head to the catwalk for your wedding decor!

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Shine & Sparkle...

Rachel Zoe has given the fashionworld a preview of her new line and now you can be inspired to let your wedding shine and sparkle with this fun and flirty one shoulder blue squin dress! Do you think your bridesmaids would wear something like this!? If not, cover your reception with crystal beads, send out chandelier invitations, and find the perfect pair ofsparkly blue heels to get your blue sparkle inspiration started!


Summer Splash...

I just adore this** color combination** of pinks, orange, and black on this bright and playful dress by Prada. It doesn't have to be just the colors or style of something on the runway that inspires you, look at the texture, the movement, the fabric, and the complete look. You can build a summer theme full of bright orange gerbera daisies, pink ribbons, and asignature coral colored cocktailright from this yummy dress!


Purple Swirls...

You should know by now that my new favorite wedding color is purple, but I don't love this Marc Jacobslook just for that reason alone. Look at those stripes and patterns, what a great shirt for your wedding inspiration! You don't see too much of stripes and patterns in the wedding world, some but not many. Take a closer look at the bride in the lower right and you'll see swirls on her beautiful gown; I would love to see more dressesand weddings like this!


Bohemian Chic...

The colors, texture, leather belt, flow of the fabric, and the style of her hair just screams bohemian chic to me! Alexander Mcqueen'sdress has inspired a fall, succulent, outdoor, orange calla lily, leather trunk wedding that I would love to see come to life. How brilliant would your bridesmaids look wearing a beautiful floral dressas you walk down the aisle in a flowy, bohemian gownwith a gorgeous fern crownon your head!

Did you find your wedding inspiration on the fashion runway?

Photos:StyleMePretty, Style.com, StudioStems

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Love this! I think a wedding inspired by high fashion would be amazing!! Each inspiration board is so pretty, I am not sure which one is my favorite! I do love some sparkle and shine though :)

Thanks Shawna!! I knew you would enjoy these! You inspired me! <3 Enjoy your weekend love.

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