6 Creative Styles for Your Wedding Aisle ...


6 Creative Styles for Your Wedding Aisle ...
6 Creative Styles for Your Wedding Aisle ...

Whether your wedding ceremony is being held outdoors on a beautiful landscape or inside a rustic barn, there will always be an aisle that needs decorating. You can go simple and chic, bright and bold, or even wild and offbeat! See these 6 creative styles to find the one that is right for your wedding aisle.

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The White Party

The White Party Photo: KristinViningvia StyleMePretty

Classy, Simple, and Chic. If you're a** DIY bride** who would like to keep things easy on yourself and those helping out with your wedding day projects, choose something** simple but chic** like this beautiful white aisle. I love that everything from the chairs and petals to the floating candles and runner are white, very elegant but not over the top.


All about the Tulle...

All about the Tulle... Photo: RowellPhoto StyleMePretty

Tulle is another simple wedding item that can be purchased at many craft stores to turn your aisle into something fabulous. It's soft, dreamy, and can be used in many ways. I love the pairing of the yellow flowers and petals with the tulle in this photo, it gives a great pop of color to this deep brown wedding aisle. Transform any blank aisle into something wonderful with the smallest touch of fabric and flowers.


A Rustic & Organic Atmosphere...

A Rustic & Organic Atmosphere... Photo: MantasPhotographyvia StyleMePretty

Even on the deck of a hip Brooklyn restaurantyou can find a beautiful wedding aisle. I love how they kept the decor** unique and rustic** to match the amazing wood chairs, wood planks, and warehouse feel of the background. If you have never thought of potted plants lining your aisle, think again! This may just start a cool trend.


Art and Succulents...

Art and Succulents... Photo: Betwixtstudiovia StyleMePretty

When you have an** amazing venue** like the Museum of Contemporary Artin San Diego you don't want to go overboard with your decor, especially for your wedding aisle. The bride and groom couldn't have picked a better plant than the succulent to style their cool, artistic aisle with. It stands out on it's own like art and is more than just a simple flower.


The Love of Mason Jars...

The Love of Mason Jars... Photo: Bluephotovia StyleMePretty

How amazing is this mason jar wedding altar! I just love** homemade rustic altars** that look like walls or doors. There are so many great details in this wedding photo that can inspire DIY brides, rustic or vintage brides, and outdoor brides. What does your outdoor wedding altar look like?


Amazingly Creative...

Amazingly Creative... Photo: Sengbushand DamionHamiltonvia StyleMePretty

With the great outdoors as your gorgeous background in Californiayou may think that any extra decor wouldn't be needed. Never have I seen** flower petals laid in such a **creative design as this. This stunning artwork was created by Asiel Design, who love to work with more than just flowers!

Have you found the perfect style for your wedding aisle?

**Top Photo: **StyleMePretty

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Oh my goodness, these ideas are so cute!!! Best ones I've seen in awhile :)

I'd have to agree with Shawna. The best petal design ever! Have a beautiful weekend, Kellie xx

I love the flower petals as designs! It is hard to pick a favorite! I really like the flowers in the jars. My good friend did that at her wedding last year and I thought it was so pretty and elegant...and can be done inexpensively too!

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