10 Wedding Superstitions from around the World ...


10 Wedding Superstitions from around the World ...
10 Wedding Superstitions from around the World ...

Here are 10 wedding superstitions from around the world. I couldn’t find documentation as to where a couple of them originated from, so I didn’t assign a particular country to them. I hope you find these amusing! Feel free to share some superstitions of your own or ones that your family has passed down between the generations.

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A Rainy Wedding Equals Many Tear Drops

A rainy wedding day signifies the bride will shed many tears during her married life. I’ve had a couple of friends who actually enjoyed having rain fall during the wedding. They thought it to be a sign that all aspects of their old life were being washed away and they were able to start a brand new life with the perfect person. To me, this sounds much better than spending most of my married life crying.


It’s Bad Luck if the Wife Stumbles over the Threshold - Canada

This superstition led to many wives being carried over the threshold. I wonder if it counts if the groom trips or stumbles as he’s carrying his new bride through the doorway. Does that mean it’s double the amount of bad luck? I hope not!


The Rice Being Thrown is to Feed Evil Spirits

Supposedly if the evil spirits are busy eating the rice, then they will leave the bride and groom alone so they can have a happy life together. I’m glad I didn’t know about this superstition when I was a kid. It would have scared me to death to think about evil spirits lurking about munching on pieces of rice I’d just thrown. Creepy.


Get Married on Your Luckiest Day for Good Fortune - China

Before getting married in a traditional Chinese wedding, the couple is supposed to find out what their luckiest day will be for the wedding to take place. The couple can consult an almanac, fortune teller, calendar, or a monk to help them figure out which day is going to be the luckiest of all. To get this good fortune off in a positive direction, the couple also says their vows while the hand on the clock is pointed at half past the hour. As the clock hand moves upward towards the top of the clock face, the couple will begin their lives as a happy duo.


The Bride Will Live as Long as the Tree She Planted – Czech Republic

Brides in the Czech Republic are to plant a tree the day before their wedding. The tree is then decorated with painted egg shells and lots of brightly colored ribbons. The bride and the tree are then connected in the sense that she will live as long as the tree does.


Chimney Sweeps Bring Good Luck - England

Supposedly the declaration that chimney sweeps are good luck came about when King George II was saved by one. Not only does the chimney sweep’s presence ensure an abundance of good luck, but he is also supposed to kiss the bride during the ceremony for some additional good luck.


Ringing Bells Keep the Bad Spirits Away - Ireland

Irish couples traditionally heard bells being rung at the wedding to drive off evil spirits so the pair of newlyweds could have a harmonious life together. Some brides have small bells attached to their wedding bouquet or bells are placed on tables at the wedding reception for this same reason. I like this idea of adding tiny bells to keep away the bad spirits much better than tossing them some rice to eat.


Carry a Match for a Passionate Marriage - Finland

Brides in Finland seem to know the secret to ensuring passion during their married life; a match. Who knew it was a simple as that!


Symbolic Ribbons Ensure a Happy Marriage - Mexico

In Mexico, the bride has three colors of ribbons she is supposed to attach to her undergarments; red, blue, and yellow. Each color is associated with a particular aspect of married life. The red ribbon is to bring about passion, the blue ribbon is for good luck with finances, and the yellow ribbon is to bless the couple of plenty of food.


The Number of Happy Years Spent Together is Determined by a Broken Vase - Italy

Wouldn’t it be nice if it was that easy? Couples in Italy smash a vase during their wedding to see how many years they will be happily married. If a vase isn’t handy, then a glass is used. The number of pieces the vase or glass shatter into, that’s the number of years the couple will be happy together.

There are so many additional superstitions regarding weddings that I came across and it was hard to choose just 10! Had you already heard of all of the 10 wedding superstitions from around the world I mentioned above?

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This is such an interesting post! I have heard of the Ireland one before, which I think it would be nice to have little bells at a reception :)

Oh my goodness..They are so brilliant..This is all new to me:) Fantastic post, sweetie Happy Monday

Some of them are quite fun. Nothing to lose if you follow unless it makes you go out of your way. Have a fabulous day, Kellie xx

Fun Post.

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