4 Etsy Totes for Your Wedding That Give Back ...


4 Etsy Totes for Your Wedding That Give Back ...
4 Etsy Totes for Your Wedding That Give Back ...

The tragic events that have been taking place in Japan since March 11th have touched all of us whether we know someone there or not. I really wanted to do a post to dedicate a piece of my heart to them. We may not all have money to donate, but maybe there is something we can do to let others know we care. Post a note on your blog, on facebook, or on twitter to let others know how they can help, give back if they can, and just share the love. At first I went on Etsyto find inspirational wedding items that would show your** love for Japan during your big day, but then I found out about the sellers who are giving proceeds from your purchase to relief funds**. Here are** 4 Etsytotes for your wedding that will help spread the love and **give back to those in need...

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What the World Needs Now...

What the World Needs Now... Photo:Etsy.com/shop/RCTeesPrice: $12.00

25% of this purchase will be donated to the Japanese Relief Fund.


Rustic Chic...

Rustic Chic... Photo: Etsy.com/shop/BymytouchPrice: $39.00

Net profits from all sales are being donated to the Red Crossto help Japan.


Vintage Romance...

Vintage Romance... Photo: Etsy.com/shop/dragonfly57Price: $63.00

All profits from shop for this month are going to relief funds to help Japan.


Bright & Floral...

Bright & Floral... Photo: Etsy.com/shop/KirschbitsPrice: 30.00 Euro/ $42.74 USD

15% of this purchase will go to Architecture for Humanityto help rebuild.

Here are a few other ways you can help:



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Thank you for putting this together. These are great campaigns to help Japan. Take care, Kellie xx

I am so glad there are people selling stuff they make and giving the proceeds to help Japan. That is wonderful!

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That is such a beautiful post, my dear. I will check them out for sure. Happy Thursday Kisses

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