7 Tips I Would Give to Someone Just Getting Married ...


7 Tips I Would Give to Someone Just Getting Married ...
7 Tips I Would Give to Someone Just Getting Married ...

I’ve listed 7 tips I would give to someone just getting married, but not all of them pertain to the actual wedding itself. Some of these tips are for dealing with married life in general. I think most of these evolve naturally with time. However, it might make life a bit easier if you know about some of these tidbits in advance.

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Don’t Stress over Every Detail of the Wedding

Planning for your wedding is supposed to be fun, not something that will turn you into Bridezilla overnight. Everyone hopes to have a wedding that will be a memorable event for all who attend it, but running yourself in the ground to accomplish this feat will only cause you to remember the worst parts of it. Planning well in advance is always the best way to go. If you can't do this, then compromise when possible.


Delegate Some of the Responsibility at Times

Not everyone is able to dole out jobs to each person without feeling some bit of remorse. I have a difficult time asking for help. I've always tried to do everything on my own. If I wasn't able to do it, then it went undone, just to save me the embarrassment of asking for help. However, if someone comes right out and asks what needs to be done, offer a few choices. You might be surprised at how many people are more than happy to help you to make your dream wedding happen.


Remember a Person Has the Right to Change His/her Mind

Human beings have the tendency to decide that wants, needs, and desires have suddenly changed. You both may have discussed things in the past and felt the same on a particular subject, but things can occur that causes a person to change his/her mind at a moment's notice. Have patience and discuss why and how this sudden change came about. This will save a lot of arguing!


Talk about Future Plans Well before the Wedding Takes Place

Have you already discussed your future goals with one another? Do you both want children? Do you both want to pursue careers instead? If you each have goals that don't include the other, then how do you expect this union to work out? Make sure you both are on the same page about what the future holds for you.


Communicate with One Another

No one is a mind-reader. Even if you think your spouse-to-be knows you extremely well, don't think that he/she knows exactly what you are thinking at all times. This is often the cause of many tiffs. Talk about your expectations and any plans that have been altered, especially when this happens at the very last minute. A person's likes and dislikes can change as the years go on. Chatting with one another about even the most subtle changes can be extremely helpful in maintaining a happy marriage.


Have Your Own Bank Account

There's nothing wrong with His and Hers bank accounts. Most couples have separate accounts before they get married and choose to keep these separate after marriage as well. It's easy enough to open a third bank account that you both contribute to for household expenses. Fighting over money issues is never a pretty situation. It's best to decide what the arrangement will be right from the beginning.


Be Willing to Compromise

You might have had everything your way, while you were single, but now there are another person’s feelings to consider. If you grew up with siblings, then you'll know a bit about compromise and how it works. Sometimes you have to give in to someone else's wishes to keep the peace. The only time this doesn't work out well is if your spouse isn't as willing to compromise as you are. This is definitely a two-way street.

Do you have anything you’d like to add to my list of 7 tips I would give to someone just getting married?

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Great tips about not stressing the small stuff plus letting people change their minds - you can apply that to everything~

Awesome tips and advice!

I think delegating the responsibility is soo important! I've been around some girls who don't do this, and they become so stressed out.

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