6 Sweet Ideas for a Candy Themed Bridal Shower ...


6 Sweet Ideas for a Candy Themed Bridal Shower ...
6 Sweet Ideas for a Candy Themed Bridal Shower ...

There are so many themes **you can choose from to shower your bride with, but knowing more about her will always help you decide which theme you should go with. The bridal shower **doesn't have to be the same theme of the wedding, but it should have a few things that tie them both together. Always remember to start with what the bride and groom might like and what fits their personalities, like a **candy theme **for thecandy shop owner...

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Candy Ring Pop...

Candy Ring Pop... If you've ever been to NYC you may have walked by or even stopped in Dylan's Candy Bar, she carries all sorts of goodies from chocolate and toffy to hard candy and gummies. So when **Darcy Miller **of Martha Stewart's"Darcy's Idea of the Day" andDarcy Miller Designs started planning Dylan Lauren'sbridal shower, she knew candy of all sorts would be the perfect theme. These fun **candy ring pops **were a great **favor **to have for the guests as they do double duty for the **candy theme **and for any bride-to-be theme!


Candy Guestbook...

Candy Guestbook... How sweet are these candy-shaped notecards **for the shower **guestbook! Guests of Dylan's bridal shower were asked to write words of love on these delightful notecards and drop them into an oversized hurricane vase. If you're thinking of a candy-theme shower or would love to display these on your candy buffet go to Martha Stewart Weddingsfor the template.


Bride & Shower Host...

Bride & Shower Host... Aren't these ladies lovely! **Darcy Miller **was the perfect person to help celebrate and design Dylan's candy bridal shower. Behind them is a giant **candy heart **print made from **gum **and jars of assorted candies fromDylan's Candy Bar,Vintage Confections, andKidz Confections. Dylan's **wedding dress **is being made by none other than her dad, Ralph Lauren!


Candy Bar Invitation...

Candy Bar Invitation... Is this not the coolest **bridal shower invitation **ever! The cute bride and groom cartoon characters on the cover of the **candy bar **were designed by host Darcyand the bar itself is from Chocolate Editions. See those little lollipop stamps, they're from Zazzle! I love everything about this invitation!


Bubble Gum Cocktail...

Bubble Gum Cocktail... What's a bridal shower without a cocktail **for the ladies and what's better than a bubble-gum martini **for the candy themed shower! To make this pink drink for your shower or wedding mix together vanilla vodka and banana and melon liqueurs.


Adorable Cupcakes...

Adorable Cupcakes... To help pull together the theme Darcy used the same sketch of the charming bride and groom throughout the shower. I love these **mini cupcakes **from Baked by Melissaand the little toppers from American Chocolate Designs. Maybe these little guys will show up at Dylan's wedding too!

Photos: MarthaStewartWeddings

What ideas do you have for a bridal shower theme?

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any ideas on where to get the box for the ring pops?

The candy ring idea is soooo cool and I adore Dylan’s Candy Bar! Hugs and kisses, sunshine

I love the ring pop idea, do you happen to know where you can get the box that they used for the ring pop? I am planning a bachelorette party and I thought that it would make cute favors.

Very great candy themed bridal shower

i think the ring pops are the BEST!!! I love that! p.s. i swear i haven't stopped reading your blog, just wayyyy short on time this past weekend and few days, am back though!

This is one of the cutest bridal showers I've seen! I love it!

The ring pop idea is just about the cutest idea EVER!

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