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4 Wedding Shoes to Fit Your Mood ...

By Diana

It's your wedding day so you know you'll be in a great mood, but what about your personality? Are you looking for a kickass heel **for that rocker chick side of your mood or maybe you'll be in more of a girly mood on your wedding day and you'll want to get all dolled up from head to toe? Perhaps one of these **relaxed, girly, sporty, or rocker shoes will be the one to fit your wedding day mood....

4 A Sporty Bride...

A Sporty Bride...Photo: Zappos
Price: $45.oo

There are so many sporty brides who love the look of wearing sneakers under their gowns during the reception. But these can't be just any sneakers! Most brides I've seen have been sporting conversein all kinds of fun colors from pink, blue, and purple, to white, black, and yellow!

3 The Relaxed Bride to Be...

The Relaxed Bride to Be...Photo: Zappos
Price: $59.20

You don't really care too much about shoes and couldn't picture yourself walking down the aisle in four inch heels. As a bride you'll be on your feet all day, walking around talking to guests, dancing, and cutting the cake. These adorable flats from Ninaare the perfect bridal flat for the relaxed bride who has style but wants to be comfortable. I wish I had found these for my wedding day, but I still loved the flats I did wear!

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2 The Offbeat Bride...

The Offbeat Bride...Photo: Zappos
Price: $199.95

How awesome are these studded,** spiked heels** from Sam Edelman! These are definitely for that badass rocker bride who wants to show off her kickass mood! These are fun, funky, and cool. Could you imagine the look on grandma's face when she sees these under your gown? Or maybe your grandma is just as badass as you are!

1 The Princess Bride...

The Princess Bride...Photo: Zappos
Price: $225.00

Pink, ruffles, and doesn't get more girly than this adorable Badgley Mischkaheel! I'm not much of a girly girl myself, but these would have been the cutest shoes under my wedding gown! I can picture a beautiful bride with a peony bouquet, a mermaid gown, and these heels strutting her stuff down the aisle.

Have you found the perfect pair of wedding shoes that fit your mood?

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