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6 Beautiful Bridal Shoes for Kate Middleton ...

By Diana

We've all been wondering what designergown Kate Middleton will wear on her Royal Wedding day, but what about her bridal shoes? As you know, Kate isn't afraid of fashion and non-traditional accessories, so I wonder if she will wear a non-traditional heel under her designer gown! Here are 6 beautiful bridal shoes I've picked out for the Royal Princess-to-be, which one do you think she'd wear...

1 Simple and Chic...

Simple and Chic...Photo: Zappos

These beautiful bow heels by Caparrosare simple, yet chic and would be the sweetest heel for Kate Middletonto wear under her wedding gown. If she is going the more traditional route with her gown and accessories, the little bow and champagne color will please the Queen and the Royal court on the big day.

2 A Little Bling...

A Little Bling...Photo: Zappos

Maybe Kate would like a shoe with a little bling to catch the eyes of everyone watching her as she walks down the aisle to marry her Prince Charming. I'm sure Calvin Kleinwould love for her to wear these shoes; I wonder if he was ever considered as a designer for her gown!

3 Kate Loves Feathers...

Kate Loves Feathers...Photo: BHLDN

Unless you're not paying attention to the** Royal Wedding you know how much Kate Middleton loves **feathers. We have seen them in her hair, on her hats, and maybe on her wedding day we'll see them on her bridal shoes? I love these shoe clips from BHLDN by Twigs and Honey, and wish I had found something similar for my own wedding shoes.

4 Royal Blue...

Royal Blue...Photo: Zappos

Sometimes Kate likes to surprise us with her fashion trends and I wonder if she will do the same on April 29th! I would love to see her in something that will shock everyone in the Royal family. Do you think she would wear** blue heels** like these gorgeous ones fromNine West?

5 Off-beat Princess...

Off-beat Princess...Photo: BHLDN

These funky shoes by Vivienne Westwoodwould show off Kate's sweetheart personality. I think she is going to be a wonderful Princess who will show the world how lovely she really is. I love how Prince William and Kate choose little known charities for everyone to donate to for their big day. Even if you don't like them, you have to love that!

6 Sparkly and Shine...

Sparkly and Shine...Photo: Zappos

No matter what shoe she picks, Kate Middleton will sparkle, shine, and glow from head to toe! So perhaps for a extra dose of sparkle she will wear a glitter heel like this one from Badgley Mischka.

Will you watch to see what dress, shoes, and accessories the Princess will wear as she says 'I Do'?

Top Photo: Blog.Weddzilla

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