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Winter Wedding Centerpieces That'll Cause a Stir ...

By Eliza

So you're having a winter wedding? Perfect! This time of year is great for all the decor that goes with a wedding theme. Recreate some of these centerpieces and your guests won't be able to stop talking. Any of these will look fab on your tables and will be something to talk about for years to come. Check them out!

1 Beautiful Winter Branches

Beautiful Winter Branches These lovely branches are simple and easy to come by in the wintertime.

3 White Flowers

White Flowers White flowers are perfect for a winter white wedding. Those tiny candles just make it better.

4 Floating Candles

Isn't this beautiful?

5 Use Natural Foliage

The tree branch combined with the red and green foliage is lovely!

6 Everything is White

You can't deny that white is the perfect color scheme for a winter wedding.

7 Red Roses

Red roses are never a bad choice for a wedding.

8 Clear with Mood Lighting

This is great for an evening wedding.

9 Clear Vases Are Lovely

The clear vases help keep the table from looking too cluttered.

11 Bring the Outdoors inside

Bring the Outdoors inside Bring a touch of the outside to your winter wedding and you'll love the results.

12 Gold is Great

Isn't his a fun way to number your wedding tables.

14 Lots of Glitter

Lots of Glitter You can't go wrong with glitter at a winter wedding (or any wedding, for that matter).

16 Winter Wonderland

Those cute little strings of crystals will make your wedding something special.

18 Use Lots of Red

Use Lots of Red White is great for a winter wedding, but so is red.

20 Lots of Everything

You get some of everything here - flowers, candles and white everywhere.

21 Ornaments for a Christmas Wedding

Wouldn't you love to have a Christmas wedding?

Which of these centerpieces are you dying to have at your wedding?

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