Unique Designs That'll Give You Wedding Cake Inspiration ...


Unique Designs That'll Give You Wedding Cake Inspiration ...
Unique Designs That'll Give You Wedding Cake Inspiration ...

It can be really tough for unique couples to find a unique cake that represents their relationship. If you're stuck and can't find a wedding cake that you love, I'm almost certain that you'll find a cake that you love on this list!

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Beach Cake

Beach Cake Source: 31 Unique and Chic Wedding
If you and your significant other love the beach, bring that into your wedding by decorating your cake like this!


Watercolor Pleated Cake

Watercolor Pleated Cake Source: A Three-Tiered Tie-Dye Pleated Cake
This cake is for the girls who love bright colors, especially of the watercolor variety!


Natural Cake

Natural Cake Source: Jenny Packham’s Eden For A
Go for a naked cake like this pretty creation!


White Tree

White Tree Source: One of a Kind Wedding
This tree-looking cake is perfect for the couple who loves nature!


Candy Bar

Source: 12 Unique Wedding Desserts Beside
This is the perfect alternative for the couple who loves candy and hates cake!


Baby's Breath and Tree Stumps

Source: Affordable Rustic Wedding Inspiration
Don't you love the rustic look of this cake?


Steampunk Cake

Source: 50+ Awesome and Unique Steampunk
If you're a steampunk couple, this is the perfect wedding cake!


Topsy Turvy Cake

Source: theeverylastdetail.com
This topsy turvy cake is such a pretty touch to your wedding!


Cheesecake Wedding Cake

Cheesecake Wedding Cake Source: Wedding Inspiration: Wedding Cake Alternatives
If you're a cheesecake lover, serve it at your wedding!


Apple Picking Cake

Apple Picking Cake Source: 45+ Incredible Fall Wedding Cakes
If your wedding is in the fall or at an apple orchard, this is such a cute homage to that!


Naked Wedding Cake

Source: Naked Wedding Cakes- Rustic, Beautiful
This is the perfect cake for the bohemian girl in all of us!


Pumpkin Wedding Cake

Source: 45+ Incredible Fall Wedding Cakes
Order this cake if you're having an October wedding! It's so cute!


Donut Cake

Source: Nontraditional Wedding Cake Ideas
Whether you love breakfast food or you're simply serving brunch at your wedding, this is a great alternative to a typical cake!


Inside out Cake

Inside out Cake Source: LittleWeeShop
Can you imagine how unique this take on flowers would be at your wedding?


Words on a Wedding Cake

Source: CAKE!
Decorate your cake with the lyrics from your first dance!


Travel Cake

Travel Cake Source: Let's Fly Away Together! Travel
This is perfect for the couple that loves traveling!


Half and Half Cake

Source: 19 Spectacularly Nerdy Wedding Cakes
Keep both sides of the couple happy with this unique take on wedding cakes!


Beautiful Artwork

Source: 11 Unique wedding cakes and
If you and your significant other love art, this is a perfect way to pay homage to that love!


Oreo Cake

Source: Step Outside the Box with
This is a great cake for a couple who loves to save money or just really loves to eat Oreos!


Chalkboard Cake

Source: Beautifully Embellished Wedding Cakes
Can you believe just how much this cake looks like a chalkboard? It looks so rustic, I'm obsessed!


State Cake Toppers

State Cake Toppers Source: Unique Wedding Cake Topper Ideas
If you're a long distance couple that's ending your distance with a wedding, celebrate that with this cake topper!


Geometric Shapes

Source: Portfolio Olofson Design
The contrast of color with geometric shapes is stunning!


Tree Bark

Source: Feature Friday: Kaysie Lackey
Celebrate your mutual love for nature with this cake!


Puzzle Cake Topper

Puzzle Cake Topper Source: I'm Getting Married! ~ A
You two fit together like a puzzle, so why not represent that on your cake?

What's your favorite cake from this list? Let me know in the comments!

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