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Unique Designs That'll Give You Wedding Cake Inspiration ...

By Teresa

It can be really tough for unique couples to find a unique cake that represents their relationship. If you're stuck and can't find a wedding cake that you love, I'm almost certain that you'll find a cake that you love on this list!

1 Beach Cake

Beach Cake Source: 31 Unique and Chic Wedding
If you and your significant other love the beach, bring that into your wedding by decorating your cake like this!

2 Watercolor Pleated Cake

Watercolor Pleated Cake Source: A Three-Tiered Tie-Dye Pleated Cake
This cake is for the girls who love bright colors, especially of the watercolor variety!

3 Natural Cake

Natural Cake Source: Jenny Packham’s Eden For A
Go for a naked cake like this pretty creation!

4 White Tree

White Tree Source: One of a Kind Wedding
This tree-looking cake is perfect for the couple who loves nature!

5 Candy Bar

Source: 12 Unique Wedding Desserts Beside
This is the perfect alternative for the couple who loves candy and hates cake!

6 Baby's Breath and Tree Stumps

Source: Affordable Rustic Wedding Inspiration
Don't you love the rustic look of this cake?

7 Steampunk Cake

Source: 50+ Awesome and Unique Steampunk
If you're a steampunk couple, this is the perfect wedding cake!

8 Topsy Turvy Cake

This topsy turvy cake is such a pretty touch to your wedding!

9 Cheesecake Wedding Cake

Cheesecake Wedding Cake Source: Wedding Inspiration: Wedding Cake Alternatives
If you're a cheesecake lover, serve it at your wedding!

10 Apple Picking Cake

Apple Picking Cake Source: 45+ Incredible Fall Wedding Cakes
If your wedding is in the fall or at an apple orchard, this is such a cute homage to that!

11 Naked Wedding Cake

Source: Naked Wedding Cakes- Rustic, Beautiful
This is the perfect cake for the bohemian girl in all of us!

12 Pumpkin Wedding Cake

Source: 45+ Incredible Fall Wedding Cakes
Order this cake if you're having an October wedding! It's so cute!

13 Donut Cake

Source: Nontraditional Wedding Cake Ideas
Whether you love breakfast food or you're simply serving brunch at your wedding, this is a great alternative to a typical cake!

14 Inside out Cake

Inside out Cake Source: LittleWeeShop
Can you imagine how unique this take on flowers would be at your wedding?

15 Words on a Wedding Cake

Source: CAKE!
Decorate your cake with the lyrics from your first dance!

16 Travel Cake

Travel Cake Source: Let's Fly Away Together! Travel
This is perfect for the couple that loves traveling!

17 Half and Half Cake

Source: 19 Spectacularly Nerdy Wedding Cakes
Keep both sides of the couple happy with this unique take on wedding cakes!

19 Beautiful Artwork

Source: 11 Unique wedding cakes and
If you and your significant other love art, this is a perfect way to pay homage to that love!

20 Oreo Cake

Source: Step Outside the Box with
This is a great cake for a couple who loves to save money or just really loves to eat Oreos!

21 Chalkboard Cake

Source: Beautifully Embellished Wedding Cakes
Can you believe just how much this cake looks like a chalkboard? It looks so rustic, I'm obsessed!

22 State Cake Toppers

State Cake Toppers Source: Unique Wedding Cake Topper Ideas
If you're a long distance couple that's ending your distance with a wedding, celebrate that with this cake topper!

23 Geometric Shapes

Source: Portfolio Olofson Design
The contrast of color with geometric shapes is stunning!

24 Tree Bark

Source: Feature Friday: Kaysie Lackey
Celebrate your mutual love for nature with this cake!

25 Puzzle Cake Topper

Puzzle Cake Topper Source: I'm Getting Married! ~ A
You two fit together like a puzzle, so why not represent that on your cake?

What's your favorite cake from this list? Let me know in the comments!

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