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GIFs to Give You All the Feels when You Think of Your Dream Wedding ...

By Heather

I've always dreamed of getting married and while I did not dream of the actual wedding, I dreamed of being happy, of finding someone that I could be with forever. If you are like me, you are going to LOVE these gifs, they describe the wedding, the marriage and what you are going to be experiencing when you dive into marriage.

Table of contents:

  1. Exploring your dress
  2. That moment when you slip the ring on
  3. Joining hands
  4. The fun of a wedding
  5. Looking into your partner's eyes
  6. The kissing for photos
  7. Putting on your dress for the first time
  8. The kiss
  9. All the tears
  10. The getting down and dirty on the dance floor
  11. Posing for the photos
  12. The pure happiness you experience
  13. The candidness
  14. The colors of your wedding
  15. The vows
  16. First dance
  17. Your theme coming true
  18. The laughter
  19. Your perfect bouquet

1 Exploring Your Dress

When I found my dress, I couldn't imagine getting it anywhere else or marrying my wife in anything else.

2 That Moment when You Slip the Ring on

The first time that the ring slips onto your finger is the best feeling in the world.

3 Joining Hands

Whether it is during the wedding or after, your hands are probably going to shake a little bit.

4 The Fun of a Wedding

Weddings are fun and if you are laid back about it and don't get too caught up in the details, you'll have fun too.

5 Looking into Your Partner's Eyes

My wife's eyes – I still remember the love and happiness in there.

6 The Kissing for Photos

We did this a lot and yes, it is awkward in the beginning if you aren't used to kissing in front of a lot of people, but it's worth it.

7 Putting on Your Dress for the First Time

The very, very first time that you put on 'The Dress', you'll understand why brides go nuts over it.

8 The Kiss

This kiss is the first as a married couple. It's incredible and it feels amazing.

9 All the Tears

I cried so much during my wedding. Make sure you get waterproof mascara!

10 The Getting down and Dirty on the Dance Floor

While I don't dance, my wife does and it was AWESOME!

11 Posing for the Photos

Get over the awkwardness and embrace it!

12 The Pure Happiness You Experience

It really is pure.

13 The Candidness

My photographer caught so many candid moments and those are my favorite.

14 The Colors of Your Wedding

You finally get to choose all kinds of colors for your wedding and they are all yours.

15 The Vows

They will make you cry. Speak from the heart!

16 First Dance

When you are dancing as a married couple for the first time, everyone's eyes are on you and it means something.

17 Your Theme Coming True

The theme that you have been planning for years is finally here.

18 The Laughter

You'll cry, you'll laugh and you'll love it.

19 Your Perfect Bouquet

Ah, the flowers!

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