Amazing Wedding Ring Alternatives for Untraditional Couples ...


I've never considered myself a hopeless romantic 🌷 before, but I may have a secret Pinterest board (or five) dedicated to what my future wedding πŸ’’ will look like. Never mind that I'm currently single as hell; there's something about creeping other people's fairy tale weddings and pretending that it's mine that makes me feel prepared.

I have to admit that although I really love looking at pictures πŸ“·of brides in their beautiful Cinderella gowns surrounded by hundreds of smiling ☺️ guests, that's never been me. In fact, I've recently been drawn to the idea πŸ’­ of an untraditional wedding ring πŸ’. I never knew that there were so many ways that you can express your love πŸ’• for each other without breaking the bank.

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Get Creative with a Wedding Date Tattoo

nail, finger, manicure, pink, hand, 🎡 If you like it, then you should put a tattoo on it 🎢. Nothing is more permanent than a tattoo, which seems fitting. All you have to decide is whether or not you'd like it to be visible. Or you can take a page out of Beyonce and Jay Z's book πŸ“’ by tattooing your wedding date or your fiancΓ©'s birthday on your ring finger.


...or a Wedding Ring πŸ’ Tattoo

finger, nail, hand, manicure, arm, This idea πŸ’­ is ridiculously sweet. If you're not opposed to the idea of getting inked but want your tattoo to be seen, this is a great idea πŸ‘. Plus, you'll never have to worry about misplacing it!


Charm Your Sweetheart with a Charm Bracelet

jewellery, fashion accessory, necklace, bracelet, chain, Why go with one symbol of love ❀️ when you can have many? I already love finding quirky charms for my Alex and Ani bracelet. I think the idea πŸ’‘ of collecting charms for different occasions or that represent relationship milestones is really sweet!


Carry a Necklace Wherever You Go

clothing, brassiere, undergarment, dress, lingerie, Whether it's a simple necklace or is diamond-crusted, this gesture speaks volumes. If you want an untraditional wedding ring but are still on the fence about getting an engagement ring, one of the benefits of exchanging necklaces instead of wedding rings is that you can actually hook your engagement ring onto the chain.


Watch Time Fly by on a Fancy (but Functional) Watch ⌚

finger, leg, nail, arm, hand, There are so many reasons why a watch is a great ring alternative. Here are three: It's practical/can be used daily, can be passed down to your future children (if you decide to have any), and is super stylish.


Print Your Vows βœ’οΈ and Keep His Words Close

text, font, calligraphy, brand, writing, Diamonds ♦️ aren’t every girl’s best friend. Why not keep a copy of your vows to each other? You already know that your love is forever 😚; it doesn't hurt to have the physical reminder.


Something That Means a Lot to You or Reminds You of Him 🀡

human action, hair, person, nose, mouth, If you could pick one item that reminds you of your future husband 🀡, what would it be? Nothing can hold more meaning than something that you chose with love.


Collect Wines That You'll Share Together πŸ‘°πŸ€΅on Important Anniversaries

alcoholic beverage, drink, food, distilled beverage, wine, Make the moment even sweeter by finding wines that were either produced the year you met or the year you got married.


Keep up Traditions with a Family Heirloom πŸ‘ͺ

person, clothing, photography, supermodel, brown hair, Giving something that has been passed down in your family for generations πŸ‘ͺ and holds a lot of meaning to you is the ultimate symbol of love.


...or Start a New Tradition of Your Own and Go on a Vacation ✈️

human action, photograph, person, image, beauty, If you want to forgo an alternate wedding πŸ’ ring altogether, you can skip ⏩ the ring and save your money πŸ’Ά for a trip!

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