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I love being unconventional in life. What better feeling is there than doing something that surprises the people around you? This got me thinking of my future wedding day and what I could plan to make it as fun and unconventional as possible. I want my guests to have a unique experience at my wedding because what's the fun in planning a wedding just like everyone else's? Here are 10 Unconventional Wedding Ideas that I've come across to spice up your big day!

1. Wedit

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Why spend a ton of money on a videographer to record your wedding when you could have your guests do it? The new online company Wedit sends the wedding couple 5 HD cameras in the mail 3 days before the wedding weekend. The couple passes them out to the wedding guests throughout the festivities to record & the couple returns the cameras to Wedit to after the wedding to edit. Wedit will then edit the footage into a video and send it back to the couple.

2. Insta-Wedding

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Following the Wedit idea, create a hashtag for all your wedding guests to use throughout your wedding. At the end of it all, you will have tons of photos to look through and create an album with. Plus your guests will be glad that they get to be a part of your paparazzi crew! Not mention that with you being so busy during your wedding that you may miss out on some of the things your guests are doing. This way you get to see everyone's point of view of your big day!

3. Table Song Naming

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At your reception, instead of naming each table a number like everyone else normally does, name it a song instead! Then have your DJ announce at the beginning of the reception that when your table's song plays, the entire table has to get up and dance! It's a great and unique way to get everyone out on the dance floor!

4. Funny Wedding Pamphlet

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Instead of handing out generic wedding programs, why not express you and your husband-to-be's humorous side by having funny pamphlets instead? You can even fill the wedding programs with funny facts about the bride and groom and a timeline of how you met and fell in love. Your guests will enjoy having something to read while they wait that will put them in an even better mood before your ceremony starts.

5. Unique Boutonnieres for the Groom's Party

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If you've ever watched any reality wedding show, you'll know that the bride believes the wedding is her special day that the groom is just a small part of. Your wedding should be a shared experience where you both get to make decisions, even if his idea isn't one you'd necessarily love. For example, if your husband-to-be loves superheros, let him wear small action figures on his tux instead of a traditional boutonniere Not only will your guests get a laugh, but you will go down in history as being the coolest bride ever to allow him and his friends to do it.

6. Unique Bouquet

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I know it goes against the supposed things every woman loves, but maybe you're not a fan of flowers. That's totally fine! Find something you love instead and create a bouquet out of that. For example, this bride made a bouquet out of butterflies and it looks gorgeous! Plus if you make a bouquet out of something non-perishable, you can have it as a keepsake from your big day!

7. Photo Guestbook

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Instead of using a traditional guestbook at your wedding, ask your wedding guests to pose for Polaroid pictures while holding messages written on a small chalkboard. It's a great way to look back and remember who was at your wedding and what they looked like then. Plus your guests can add their own little personal touch by writing a personal message on the small chalkboard.

8. Donations Instead of Wedding Favors

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Instead of finding or making a little trinket or treat to give your guests as a wedding favor, use the money that would've gone toward getting the favors and instead make a donation to the charity of your choice. Make sure to leave each guest a card with your picture on the front, and the charity that was donated to on the back. This is especially a great idea if someone in the bride or groom's family has suffered or died from a disease and you want to remember them by donating to an organization that fights it.

9. Wreck Your Wedding Dress

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I know some of you may gasp when reading this idea title but hear me out! You only get to wear your wedding dress for one night, so who cares what happens to it at the end? A great memorable moment is to do something at the end of your reception with your groom that your guests can watch and your photographer can capture forever in pictures. If your party is near water, have you and your groom jump in! Are you both creatives? Throw colored chalk paint at each other or even have a paintball fight! I promise that your guests will never forget it!

10. Signature Stamp

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Instead of having to sign you and your groom's name on all the save the dates, wedding invitations, and thank yous, have a unique stamp made of you and your groom's heads! You can search the Etsy.com website for a bunch of people who make these custom stamps using a photo you send to them. It's a cute and unique way to quickly personalize all of your invitations!

So there you have it, 10 ways to make your wedding a unique and memorable one. I believe that I am a fun and unique girl and want my wedding to resonate those qualities. After all, your wedding is the first day to your new life with the person you love so why wouldn't you want to start it off with a fun bang! What have you done at your wedding or plan to do at your future wedding that you think some people may find to be unconventional?

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