Romantic Girls πŸ’– Will Swoon 😍 with Envy over the 10 Most Expensive πŸ’Έ Movie Weddings πŸ’ ...

All little girls dream of their wedding day and I think movies are to blame for the unrealistic expectations we all have. From the dress, to the venue, and everything in between, movies give us an idea of wedding perfection that doesn't actually exist. Now that we're grown we can swoon over this list by instyle at the top 10 most expensive weddings in movie magic history!

The company even priced out the wedding costs based on location, and movie weddings at venues were definitively the most pricey, with an average cost of $86,013. Backyard weddings rang in around $66,565, while church weddings came in as the least expensive at $32,161.

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1. The Princess Bride

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This lavish wedding set in the Renaissance era would have cost 20,000 ducats, which is equivalent to just under $3 million.
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