5 Movies about Love, Weddings, & Marriage I Can't Wait to See!

This month there are three movies coming out about love, weddings, and marriage that I can't wait to see and two others coming out later this year about the same topic. These movies may all have weddings as a theme, but they are all very different. Some are very funny, while others are more romantic, and one or two seem to be a little dramatic. Which one will you head to the theater for?

5. Something Borrowed...

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Was there ever that guy who you really liked, fell head over heels for, but never told him about it? Well in Something Borrowed, Ginnifer Goodwin'scharacter Rachel, always had a crush on Dex (Colin Egglesfield, from All My Children). But now Dex is marrying Rachel's best friend Darcy (Kate Hudson), and when she realizes how much she loves him things start to unravel! John Krasinskiplays Ethan, who is friends with both ladies. I wonder if Darcy will fall for him! Sounds like a big love triangle.

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