How to Choose Wedding Flowers Based on Their Meanings ...


How to Choose  Wedding Flowers Based on Their Meanings ...
How to Choose  Wedding Flowers Based on Their Meanings ...

Are you looking for answers to the question of how to choose wedding flowers based on their meaning? You aren't alone. Keep reading for some wonderful insight.

Choosing the right flower decor for your wedding can be a tough task. We often neglect the importance a flower holds in itself. Choosing a flower with a certain meaning may be meaningful to how a couple fell in love. Incorporating them into your big day is a fun way to remember those early feelings and share them with your guests at your wedding. Here's how to choose wedding flowers based on their meaning.

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flowerpot, tableware, centrepiece, table, plant, It is often said that a fern flower brings guaranteed happiness and wealth. What’s better than beautiful green wedding decor that creates a joyful aura?



flower, plant, flowering plant, spring, shrub, Also called goldenrod, Solidago is considered a sign of good fate and comes along with best wishes. Add some shine and glow with Goldenrod wedding decor.


Lily of the Valley

flower, flower bouquet, flower arranging, plant, floristry, This one is a symbol of humility and acceptance in some religions. It also signifies sweetness, clearness, purity and the return of happiness. A bridal bouquet of lily of the valley was held by Catherine Middleton and Princess Grace of Monaco at their weddings.



flower, vase, plant, floristry, flower arranging, Tulips are a symbol of paradise on earth and have a divine status. They also have a deeper meaning that represents the briefness of life. Tulip’s meaning revolves around love so what could be more perfect for your wedding?



flower, pink, flower bouquet, cut flowers, flower arranging, Carnations usually symbolize love and passion. A few other meanings are dependent on color. Pink represents respect and warm approval, dark red denotes deep love and fondness and white carnations represent true love and good fate.



flower, flower bouquet, flower arranging, purple, violet, Violets were used to show love for other women in the 1950s. Violet has a deep 'flirty' scent which is perfect for a dream wedding of any type.



flower, flower arranging, flower bouquet, floristry, cut flowers, In some countries, Chrysanthemums represents honesty, while in the US, they usually denotes positivity and cheerfulness.



flower, plant, yellow, flowering plant, flowerpot, Daffodils seen as a symbol of self-love in the west, whereas in the East they are seen as a symbol of wealth and good luck. In Persia, daffodils usually act as a symbol of beautiful eyes in literature. You just can't go wrong.

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