Genius Ideas on How to Budget for Booze at Your Wedding ...


Genius Ideas on How to Budget for Booze at Your Wedding ...
Genius Ideas on How to Budget for Booze at Your Wedding ...

Are you trying to figure out some ways to budget for booze at your wedding? Your wedding is the biggest party you’ll ever host. So much goes into planning this party, from the flowers to the seating chart and the menu to the color scheme. Most brides and grooms agree that the devil is in the details, but one of the best parts of planning their big day was to plan the cocktail hour and the menu. However, cutting back on cocktail costs can be a sobering experience.

These tips and tricks will help you get the most booze for your buck on your wedding day. Cheers to a cocktail that suits you and your husband-to-be! And cheers to these great ways to budget for booze at your wedding.

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Lower the Bar

This is not in reference to a fun dance you might have during your reception - lowering the bar means adding less to the drink menu. Not the limbo. Instead of offering every type of alcohol you might want to, lowering the bar means editing the drink menu and providing fewer options than every category of well liquor.

Keep the essentials like beer and wine, and perhaps a signature cocktail. That's one of the best ways to budget for booze at your wedding.


Purchase Your Own Alcohol

While it may seem counterintuitive, purchasing your own alcohol is a surefire way to cut the cost of cocktails at your wedding. Many caterers are able to serve alcohol and your vendor of choice may even provide a bartender. Expect to see a corkage or a serving fee, though!

What’s more? If you and your groom are drinkers, you’ll be able to use the leftovers (if there are any) after the reception. Besides, no one knows your guests like you do. You’ll know if Aunt Susie is going to drink a few too many, or whether or not your friends will imbibe. This way you can buy accordingly.

If you are purchasing your own alcohol and you’d like to find out just how much alcohol you should be buying, try this alcohol count calculator.


Pay by Headcount (not Drink Count)

Have you ever ordered a drink you didn’t care for but felt obligated to drink it because you paid for it? Get rid of the opportunity for that to happen to you and your guests at your wedding by choosing a bar package priced by headcount, not drink count.


Create a Signature Cocktail

By keeping drink options to a minimum (a delicious minimum) your liquor tab will also be kept to a minimum. Having a signature cocktail (or two - maybe you need a his and hers!) Even though you’re trying to save money here, a signature cocktail adds a personalized charm to your wedding. If you run out of ideas, try this signature cocktail generator to jumpstart your drink inspiration.


(Don’t) Pop the Bubbly

Most people associate champagne with weddings and toasts, but popping the bubbly isn’t going to help you save money. Technically, champagne is only from France. With that in mind, you could opt for less expensive options such as Prosecco or Cava. If you’re set on champagne, you can always talk to the bartenders about serving ¾ full instead of full flutes.

Needless to say, you can still pop the bubbly if you’re on a budget.


Eliminate the Expense

You can actually skip a bar entirely. Offering bottle service is a way to give your reception an upscale feel - much like what your guests would experience at a high-end club. This is a great way to enable you to save more, as well, because you can limit the amount of alcohol by table. Fantastic wine can be found under $10 per bottle. Boozy and budget friendly.

You can also close your bar earlier than you might have originally planned for. Instead of serving drinks to the end of the night, switch over to coffee. This saves you money and helps your guests get sober before heading home.

If all else fails: a dry wedding isn’t unheard of.

Raise your glass to cutting your alcohol costs for your wedding.

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