Top Wedding Invitation Trends ...


Top Wedding Invitation Trends ...
Top Wedding Invitation Trends ...

Brides in 2020 have no shortage of wedding invitation options to choose from when planning the big day. The variety of textures, fonts, colors, and papers that are there adds up to thousands - perhaps millions of potential configurations.

It's a lot to digest, which is why we've outlined the top wedding invitation trends in 2020:

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Foil Prints

Foil printing is still a top trend in 2020, and its popularity is immensely growing. Gold is the most used foil. It creates an appealing design on the card, and also complements all the other designs on your card.

Gold foil is glamorous, and it gives your card a prestigious look. It is one of the most popular trends on wedding invitation cards in 2020.



A monogram is exceptional in adding some personal touch to the invitation card, while at the same time keeping your design classy. A monogram is simple to create, and also lovely to add on the card.

Moreover, you can also choose a monogram of any color or design depending on your preferences. Generally, your wedding invitations can incorporate one of the hundreds of different templates and configurations available. This means custom elements will blend beautifully with your preferred design.


A Touch of Glitters and Metallics

Despite your wedding invitation design, adding some metallic pieces or glitters will add some sophistication to your wedding invitation cards. In 2020, gold is the most popular, and it adds some nice touch to your wedding invitation card without messing up your initial design. If you plan to create a wedding invitation card, it would be best to include it.


Vellum Paper Cards

A vellum paper stationery brings a unique vibe on a wedding invitation card. You can use it with any embellishment like a wax seal or metallic ink, for instance. Moreover, the vellum papers can also make envelopes, which adds a nice pleasing touch to the invitation cards.



Cards that have less artwork and colors are also trending in 2020. Most of these cards have a theme color, mostly white, and some minimal designs. While it seems conventional and boring, it is a classy and growing trend because it involves a simple and efficient design. Many people don't want the hustle of designing their cards with complicated stuff. All they want is a simple card.


Wax Seals

Wax seals on a wedding invitation card have been a top trend since 2019, and many people are still using it in 2020. You can use it on your envelope for sealing, and you can also add some decorations like small wedding flowers on it. Moreover, you can also use the wax seals on the invitation itself. It depends on your preferences. The options of putting the wax seals are so many, but you have to be creative around it.


High Demand for Invitation Envelopes

Packaging a card is also essential because you don't want it to be damaged before it reaches its recipient. In 2020, the demand for envelopes has dramatically increased. It is because people want envelopes that are more sophisticated to make their cards look more classy. Generally, many people want envelopes with more ribbons, and also other embellishments.


Unique Shapes

Many people have started thinking outside the box, and have started coming up with many unique card shapes. It is possible for you to create an invitation card of any shape, and not just the triangular or circular invitation cards.

The style of your wedding invitation will set the tone and the mood for your big day. Therefore, you must choose the most appropriate trend for your wedding invitation cards.

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