Get Hitched despite the Pandemic with a Virtual Wedding ...


Get Hitched despite the Pandemic with a Virtual Wedding ...
Get Hitched despite the Pandemic with a Virtual Wedding ...

Did the coronavirus pandemic result in you postponing or canceling your wedding plans? After nearly a year of trying to wait for things to get better, you and your partner are growing weary. Though you realize the importance of everyone’s health and safety, you’re ready to get hitched surrounded by those closest to you. As many couples have felt this way, many have turned to concepts like virtual weddings.

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What is a Virtual Wedding?

As the name suggests, a virtual wedding is a marriage ceremony performed over digital platforms like Zoom, Facebook Live, or Google Meets. This option allows couples to hold an intimate wedding with all or most of their guests watching remotely.


What Are the Benefits?

Why would live-streaming your wedding ceremony be beneficial? There are several reasons  For starters, your guests can attend from the comfort of their homes, eliminating the risks of contracting and spreading the coronavirus. Another advantage is couples can save a lot of money on wedding and reception expenses, which is ideal for anyone that’s working with a tight budget during these economically challenging times. Lastly, virtual weddings are a lot less stressful to plan.


Planning Tips

If you’re tired of waiting to get married and believe a virtual wedding could be ideal for you, you’re probably wondering how to pull it all together. Here are some tips to help you get started:

- Select a Venue - The first step is to select a venue. The best part about planning a virtual wedding is that you can have the ceremony anywhere you’d like. Some couples take a safe and affordable approach by hosting it at their home. If you want a few loved ones to attend, you can always have a small ceremony at a nearby hotel lobby, ballroom, or country club. Lastly, you could decide to get hitched at your honeymoon destination.

- Set Up a Website - Once you’ve decided where you’re going to have your virtual wedding, the next step is to create a wedding website. Wedding websites are digital platforms where couples can display information about their wedding, reception, honeymoon, and registry for their guests to view in real-time.

- Theme and Decor - The theme and decor are still essential when planning a wedding. When your guests are watching online, the visuals help to add to their experience. If you want to keep it simple, you can always use backgrounds and filters on the streaming platform. However, if you’d like the moment to be more special, you should set the scene. A wedding arch decorated with beautiful flowers or candles would look great in a home or backyard setting. You can throw down a runner, add some candles, and incorporate lace and ribbon to coincide with your visions for your wedding theme.

- Wedding Fashions - Whether it’s just the bride and groom or you’ve asked a few people to serve as your bridal party, you’ll want to dress the part. Therefore, you’ll want to go shopping for the perfect bridal dresses  suits, and tuxedos for your big day. If you plan on shopping for wedding fashions online, start weeks in advance to ensure everything arrives on time.

- Reception Menu and Entertainment - You may not be gathered together for your reception, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a good time. Couples have really started thinking outside-the-box when it comes to virtual receptions. One idea is to have meals from a local restaurant delivered to their guests at home. As for entertainment, they ask family and friends to give speeches and hire a virtual DJ for the dance party of a lifetime.

They say nothing can stand in the way of true love. Why let a global pandemic be any different? If you and your significant other are ready to tie the knot, there’s no reason you should have to wait. Virtual weddings are a safe and trendy alternative that allows you to get hitched despite the chaos going on in the world. So, use the tips provided above to begin planning a virtual wedding everyone can enjoy.

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