10 Ideal Ways to Handle Wedding Planning Stress ...


10 Ideal Ways to Handle Wedding Planning Stress ...
10 Ideal Ways to Handle Wedding Planning Stress ...

Suffering through wedding planning stress shouldn't be your portion. Learn how to deal with wedding stress in this post.

Wedding planning stress is a nightmare that many intending couples have to deal with. But no surprise there because life itself is chaotic and unpredictable. People have jobs, families, friends, and commitment to juggle– a whole lot of work. Add wedding planning and spending a ton of money to the mix, and stress becomes a definite factor.

You don't have to go through this if you're planning your wedding. We've put down some measures to help you combat stressful wedding planning. From communicating to contingency planning, getting a bride box and more, see how to deal with wedding planning stress.

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Pamper Yourself

Pink, Product, Shelf, Room, Material property, The mental disposition of a stressed out bride isn't a good one. You become irrational, a bridezilla, making mistakes that you cannot salvage. This is why you must make self-care a part of your wedding planning checklist. The good news is that you don't have to break a bank to do this.

Sign up for bridal subscription boxes and have all you need for rejuvenation and fun. Ideal brands like Miss to Mrs. Box contains beauty essentials enough for a fulfilling spa day. Not just that but you'll find wedding planners, guides & inspiration, vow books, decor, and more. This makes the bride box subscription even more valuable as you'll be getting help and pampering for a single price.


Prioritize to-do List

Planning your wedding without a priority list is the fastest way to initiate wedding stress. You'll realize that you've run in circles without accomplishing anything substantial. So your first wedding task is to draw up a priority list. This list must be based on your must-haves. Keep the things you cannot do without on your big day at the top of the list. Work down the list until you get to the mundane things. Follow the list well and when the time is up, you'll have no regrets.



Communication or the lack of it can produce a stressed bride. Family and friends want to know what's going on. The aunt who pledged $2,000 also wants to be in on the plan. You are also engrossed in planning that you can't keep up. As much as this sounds tiring, communication is essential.

So what do you do? Have one trusted person on your team for the sole purpose of communication. Have the "important people" direct their questions to this person. Once a month, you can get everyone on a conference call and run through the plan. This will keep everyone satisfied.



One of the ways not to be stressed while planning a wedding is through delegation. It takes practically a village to plan a wedding. So don't drown doing it all. You'll be quite shocked at the many people who need just a call to do your bidding. Assemble a team of trusted friends, family, and colleagues. Delegate tasks to them based on how reliable they've proven to be. All you have to do is checkup or guide them. You need your peace.


Set Boundaries

Everyone wants to have an opinion when planning your wedding. Your mom, sister, aunt, in-laws, and every other person on the planet. It's crazy, chaotic, and downright depressing. Ah! Of course, we know it's from a good place. But two persons processing unsolicited information from a ton of people can lead to confusion and stress.

The best thing to do is to appear as a united front and approach the matter politely. Say something along the lines of, "you've made such good suggestion, we'll put it into consideration." You may also say, "Oh thank you for your advice. We'll call on you when we need you." While doing this, each of you must handle your side of the family.



Pink, Sitting, Room, Furniture, At some point, as you plan, you must shut down and clock out. Getaway somewhere with your partner for a bit. It doesn't have to be anything huge. A weekend at a local hotel or an intimate date is enough. All phones off, all suppliers shut out, just the two of you. You need to look at each other in the eyes and assure each other of your readiness for forever. Bonding amidst the chaos is therapeutic as it lifts the stress off you. You jump back to work mode with a conviction that it's all worth it.


Have a Contingency Plan

Things will not always go as planned, especially with weddings. For this reason, a contingency plan is essential. Always have plans B to E, and get ready to improvise in a flash. Make sure that your wedding budget flexible, and with room for error. If finance is readily available, stress can be mitigated to a large extent. Look out for the weather and essential vendors, and have alternative options ready if they falter.


Stick to Your Timeline

This category is specifically for procrastinators. Your wedding planning period is never the time to procrastinate. Plan like you're getting married the next day. Incorporate timelines in your checklist and stick with them. Better you have more time than no time.


Never Make Comparison

Social media is a huge inspiration when planning a wedding. But it can also be a negative stressor if you get lost in it. All the luxurious weddings you see can switch from inspiration to triggers that can stress you out. You start comparing and wishing you had what they did. We want to remind you that your day is unique to you. You will have only the moments with your beloved to treasure forever, so make it count. Whatever you can give yourself is truly the best gift.


Hire a Planner

When all things fail, hire a planner. If you're not to be stressed while planning a wedding, shift the burden to a planner. All it takes is your budget and a thorough interview to ensure that they share your vision. Rest easy and show up at your wedding.

A stressed bride is an unhappy bride and we don't want that. We've outlined ten creative ways to combat wedding planning stress. These tips are essential to maintain the mental and physical health of the bride.

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