4 Ways to Fund the Wedding of Your Dreams ...


4 Ways to Fund the Wedding of Your Dreams ...
4 Ways to Fund the Wedding of Your Dreams ...

There are so many different types of weddings a couple can have that it's hard to choose the right one for you. The one thing that is constant is that every little girl dreams of walking down the aisle in her white dress, towards her prince, at her very own dream wedding. When that little girl grows up, she realizes that dream weddings can be super expensive.

However, that doesn't mean you have to give up on that dream. It just means that you need to find a way to fund the celebration that your wedding should be. Below, you can find a few ways to fund that wedding, and still have money left for the honeymoon as well.

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Embrace Your Budget

While some get a kick out of budgeting, very few people actually enjoy it. However, budgeting to afford your dream wedding is extremely important. It's easier to do if you break everything down into different categories and see how much money you need for each one. Some things to include in that list are listed below.

- Venues
- Engagement rings
- Wedding rings
- Wedding cake
- Catering
- Wedding dress
- Tuxedo
- Photographer
- Gifts for guests
- Favors for guests
- Drinks
- Hair appointments
- Music
- Flowers
- And transportation

This is just a small sample of what you'll have to budget for to make sure that your dream wedding goes off without a hitch. Your best bet, if you can afford it, is to hire a wedding planner to help you. They get deep discounts and know the cheapest, but best vendors out there.


Borrow Money

Though it may feel great to finance your wedding yourself from beginning to end, sometimes that's just not feasible. There is no shame in checking out taking out a loan, whether it's from a bank, a loan company, or even from your own family. Personal loans can be a great way to get some money fast, just make sure you don't borrow more than you and your future husband can easily pay back.

You don't want to start your life together in debt, but have a short to medium term financing option can be a way to make something pricey into a manageable monthly payment, if that continues long enough or happens to be your current situation don’t fear colidiating your debt. Braidwood Capital is one such company that can bring your bills into one monthly payment, which could even include some expenses of your wedding.


Adjust Your Daily/Monthly Spending

If you're looking to save up money for the wedding, then you need to cut down on the money you're spending elsewhere. You can cut down your spending by adjusting what you spend monthly and even daily. Look at your spending habits and determine where you can cut costs, the money saved can go into your wedding fund. If you're stuck for ideas, check out the few listed below.

- Cancel movie and TV streaming services, such as Netflix, Hulu, etc.
- Cook at home more and eat out less
- Cancel your gym memberships
- Reduce the data plan on your phone
- Make coffee at home, instead of getting lattes often


Pick up Some Side Gigs

While it's true that earning and saving money is sometimes easier said than done, if you're determined it can be accomplished. If your job isn't bringing in enough to save for the wedding and still make ends meet, then it's possible you could pick up some side gigs that will help you save the money you need. From writing online to dog walking and from data entry to eBay, there are plenty of side gigs out there that will help you meet your goal.

These are just a few of the best ways out there for a couple who want to pay for their own dream wedding to meet that goal. However, it's important to know that if you need help, you shouldn't hesitate to ask for it. Your family will probably be more than willing and happy to get you two on the way to a happily married life together.

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