Most Expensive Weddings Ever ...

Yes, the expenditure on weddings is endless; from decorations, food, costume, makeup, photography, music, to publicity. The budget for weddings, however, depends on the culture, status, and personal preference. While some people will want to have a simple wedding, others will want to blow a fortune on weddings. Of course, expensive weddings get us talking. After all, that is what this article is all about. There have been several weddings that have taken top spots on media outlets over the years. Some weddings have got people talking simply because they are classic or beautiful while others have drawn attention due to their extravagance. Check out the most expensive weddings of all time.

10. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West ($2.8 Million)

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This wedding is appearing in this list for two reasons; it was one of the most talked about weddings and it was expensive. Of course, a wedding that took place in two countries will cost a fortune. First, the entire Kardashian – Jenner family flew to Paris for the pre-wedding parties and oh, there was a rehearsal dinner at Versailles as well. They then flew their 200 guests on private jets to Forte di Belvedere for the wedding. They also had a host of high rated singers to sing at the reception. These included Lana Del Ray, John Legend, Andrea Bocelli, and Big Sean. Let us not talk about the food, Kim’s dresses (two gowns actually), Kanye’s suit or even shoes. Let us also forget about the food and decorations. The transportation and entertainment alone is a lot of money. The wedding was estimated at $2.8 million.

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