6 Worthwhile Things to Keep in Your Pocketed Wedding Dress ...


6 Worthwhile Things to Keep in Your Pocketed Wedding Dress ...
6 Worthwhile Things to Keep in Your Pocketed Wedding Dress ...

You might have noticed that one of the big news and fashion trends to storm the internet in the last few months is the rise in popularity of wedding dresses that contain something rather unusual for this garment type, pockets! Now, if you’re a girl who knows your fashion, then you will be more than aware of the fact that pockets and women’s clothing has never quite been a match made in heaven. From fake front jean pockets to sewn up blouse front pockets, they never seem to have the practical uses that we need from them! Things are about to change, however, on one of the most special days of your life: your wedding day! Gowns with pockets are set to be one of the big wedding dress trends this year. Here are six special and meaningful items that you could keep in your wedding dress pocket on your big day.

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Heirloom Hankie

By heirloom hankie, I mean a vintage hankie that might have been passed down the generations in your family. This is a more common practice than you might think, and keeping one in your wedding dress pocket brings a sense of family closeness to the outfit, as well as possibly counting as your something old!


Worry Stone

Worry stones are simply smooth stones that people like to hold and rub between their fingers to relieve stress. It might be a good idea to pop a small one into the pocket of your wedding dress. You can reach in for a little rub every time the nerves and stress start to kick in on your big day!


Key to Your Heart

This is a cute little addition to the traditional ring exchange. Along with your brand new wedding band, your new spouse can also give you a little decorative key that symbolises both the key to their heart and the key that opens the door to a new journey and future together.


Memorial Keepsake

A recent trend in weddings is to create a little area to celebrate and recognise any lost loved ones that can’t be there in person but you want to be there in spirit. You can go even further than this by making a little keepsake with your passed loved one’s names on it that you can carry close to you in your wedding dress pocket.


Love Note

Have your fiancé pass a note to a bridesmaid, who can then slip it in to your pocket when you are getting ready in the morning. On your way to the ceremony, you can take it out and read it to yourself to bring you even more joy before you finally get to say I do!


Good Fortune

You can add a touch of spiritual luck to your wedding dress by filling a pocket with some of the best fortune cookie quotes that you have accumulated. You never know, they might bring you that little bit of extra luck that you need to make the day go off without a hitch!

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