The Biggest Things You'll Regret Doing on Your Wedding Day ...


The Biggest Things You'll Regret Doing on Your Wedding Day ...
The Biggest Things You'll Regret Doing on Your Wedding Day ...

Your big day is all about you and it's the one chance you get to make sure you're the center of attention (without being Bridezilla, of course). That means there are some things you'll regret doing on your wedding day if you listen to what everyone else wants. Your groom is really the only other person who should get to make decisions about your wedding so don't let yourself get talked into doing things you don't want to do. Here are what brides say are the things you'll regret most on your wedding day.

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Inviting People You Don't Know

Sure, they may be your mom's favorite cousin, but if you don't know them and have never even met them, they don't need to be there. Your wedding is about the people closest to you, so don't let other people dictate who gets an invite. That's you and your groom's choice.


A Weird Hairstyle

You definitely want to look glamorous and beautiful on your wedding day, but you'll regret choosing a complicated hairstyle that isn't really you. Opt for something that's a jazzed up version of how you usually wear your hair. That way you're comfortable and the pictures won't look like someone else.


Getting the Right Pictures

Your first step here is to hire a professional. You could hand out disposable cameras, but you never know what you're going to get. A pro will take all the obligatory group shots, but can also memorialize the ceremony and get candids from the reception too.


Paper Invitations and RSVPs

We live in a technological age so it's totally fine to skip the hassle and cost of sending out paper invitations and waiting for the RSVP cards to come back. Save yourself a ton of stress and counting by using a wedding website to send out invitations and keep track of who can come and who can't.


Spending the Money on an Expensive Hotel Room

You just got married and that sets up certain expectations for the wedding night. But many couples report that they're too tired for sex and end up going to sleep without. So skip the pricey hotel and go home. Save that money for your honeymoon.


The Bouquet and Garter Toss

This is an old tradition that many brides don't want, but feel like they have to include. If you don't want to toss your bouquet or watch your new husband toss the garter, don't. It's your wedding and you can celebrate it however you want to.


Not Eating

You only have one wedding (hopefully) so you should take the time to sit down and enjoy your meal. It's tempting to mingle and talk to your guests or get up and dance with your bridesmaids, but you've got to eat and you'll definitely regret not enjoying the food you took so much time choosing.

What was your biggest wedding day regret?

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