7 Great Reasons to Have a Wedding in Mexico ...


7 Great Reasons to Have a Wedding in Mexico ...
7 Great Reasons to Have a Wedding in Mexico ...

There are thousands of reasons to have a wedding in Mexico, but certainly the main one is because Mexicans love to celebrate and party. With the tequila, music and dancing, Mexican weddings can last a whole weekend, and it's also the perfect excuse to do some sightseeing. Here are some of the reasons to get married in Mexico. ...

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Mexico Has a Delightful Climate

One of the best reasons to have a wedding in Mexico is the weather. The country is almost always sunny. Outside of the summer rainy season in June and July, the rest of the year is very pleasant. Whether you want to have your wedding on the beach or in a typical village, everyone can wear a dress and enjoy a cold beer.


It is Inexpensive

Compared to the costs in the United States and Europe, a wedding in Mexico is cheap. The includes the service, waiters, catering and music. According to visitmexico.com, having a destination wedding in Mexico costs nearly $20,000 less than a traditional American wedding.


Beach, Garden or Farm?

Mexico has it all. If you just want to get married on a beach, you can. Want a garden setting? Any city or town has beautiful traditional courtyards that can seat up to 500 people. Would you like something more typically Mexican? The old haciendas will provide stunning backdrops.


The Romance

Walks on soft sandy beaches. Beautiful sunrises and sunsets. An amazing culture, both ancient and modern. When you choose a tourist spot to marry, such as Mexico, have the advantage of being in a country that is overflowing with history and culture. From the ruins in Tulum, to magical towns like San Miguel de Allende, the options for an unforgettable holiday are endless.


The Food is Irresistible

Mexican cuisine is spectacular. Did you know that there are 37 dishes considered to be Mexican heritage? Your wedding is an excellent excuse to try many. Any state you decide to do your wedding will have a specialty dish that will not disappoint. From mole sauces, tacos or fusion dishes to haute cuisine, they're all options to delight your party with something different, unique and delicious!


The Service

Mexico has the best service in the world. The people are friendly, charismatic and smiling. It is no coincidence that everyone is "very happy" at weddings. The heat of Latino people is unmatched when it comes to service.


Perfect Honeymoon

If you're in Mexico and not enjoying one of the many luxury hotels that would be a shame. After the United States, Mexico is the country with more spas in the world. From places to venture in the jungle or the desert, or just relax on a beach in the Riviera Maya, Mexico can offer almost any type of honeymoon you want. Five amazing places are Tulum, Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos, Cuernavaca, and Merida.

Your wedding is the best party of your life so think about where you want to do it well and remember that Mexico is an excellent choice that can also save you money. Would you like to make a nice wedding on a beach or prefer an old Mexican hacienda?

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